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Building sustainable healthcare systems

In Canada, 50% of all healthcare in the home and community involves a wound. Without regular care, these patients risk infections that drive hospitalization, amputation and even death.

Swift Medical is changing the outcomes of chronic wound care and improving patient experiences. Its AI-enhanced smartphone imaging platform allows patients or caregivers in urban, rural and remote communities to easily and safely share medical-grade photographs of wounds that provide the foundation for fully informed virtual consultations. Increased access to healthcare experts and precision monitoring translates into more proactive wound care and faster patient recovery. A significant reduction in advanced wound supply usage and nursing costs has also been proven, translating into $1,000 of savings per patient per month. Other benefits include fewer emergency visits and lower hospital readmission rates.

Partnerships built through the Digital Supercluster see Swift working with Home and Community Care Support Services Central East, Michener Institute of Education at the University Health Network, SE Health, AlayaCare and McGill University Health Centre to expand deployment of this technology to locations that include multiple remote and Indigenous communities.

Noteworthy project achievements include:

  • 41,000+ clinicians benefiting from AI-enhanced wound assessment
  • 10,000+ wound evaluations completed
  • 1,700+ patients currently accessing digitally enhanced wound care

Through the investment support of the Digital Supercluster, Swift accelerated the development and commercialization of its wound assessment capabilities, resulting in a new patent, trademark and 11 new IP assets. The company’s proven ability helped raise $44M in Series B financing last July.

In February 2022, Swift launched the Ray 1 Device, the world’s first hyperspectral wound imaging device that fits in your pocket, incorporating technology from the Telewound Care Canada project. The company is gaining notable traction in global markets such as Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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“We had one patient who had breast cancer and she had breast surgery on both sides to remove the cancer, and for six years her wounds didn’t close. These are difficult to treat and difficult to heal wounds. She started using the Swift technology in January 2021 and now, ten months later, her wounds are fully healed and closed.”


Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Swift Medical