improving global healthcare outcomes story

Improving global healthcare outcomes

Genomic research advances our understanding of health and disease. Securely sharing genetic data on a global scale accelerates research and boosts clinical diagnosis, precision medicine and the treatment of genetic disorders.

DNAstack saves lives by making the global sharing of genomic research a reality. It breaks down barriers by combining the latest standards on responsible open data sharing with the security of its federated data discovery and analysis platform. Currently, DNAstack’s technology powers national and international research networks for:

  • Pandemic surveillance – Powering genomic variant surveillance on the evolution of SARS-CoV-2, (the virus that causes COVID-19), in partnership with the Province of Ontario and CanCOGeN, Canada’s viral sequencing effort.
  • Neuroscience – Powering a globally federated network of genomics, imaging, clinical and other data to better understand autism.
  • Oncology, Rare Disease and more – Powering data and research networks in specific areas where precision health and accelerated research will save and improve lives.

In May 2022, the World Economic Forum named DNAstack one of the 100 most promising Technology Pioneers of 2022—a recognition earned for democratizing access to biomedical data and powering breakthrough medical discoveries in pandemic surveillance, neuroscience, rare disease, and oncology. Companies recognized in the past include Google, Twitter and Airbnb.

The Digital Supercluster plays a key role in helping DNAstack scale product maturity at a speed that could not otherwise have been accomplished as quickly. Since becoming a Member, the company tripled its size and revenues, commercialized its Publisher and Explorer products—the software suite powering the ViralAI federated network—and attracted the investment and partnerships needed to advance DNAstack through its next phase of growth.

Learn more about the COVID Cloud, CanDETECT and Autism Sharing Initiative projects.

dr marc fiume dnastack

“A mission of this ambition and scale demands collaboration, and the Digital Supercluster has empowered us to work together with Canadian leaders to advance a shared vision of advancing the future of health. The Digital Supercluster has been critical to the success of DNAstack and our partners.”


CEO of DNAstack