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Protecting global food supply chains

The agri-food industry plays a critical role in driving Canada’s economy and feeding Canada and the world. Effects of climate change and rapidly increasing operational costs threaten the livelihood of farmers and the stability of our food supply chains.

Verge Ag is on a mission to help farmers effectively plan their growing season and combat agricultural GHG emissions that make up 12% of Canada’s total emissions. The company leads the development of the world’s first interactive planning platform for precision and autonomous agriculture.

By creating a digital twin of the farm, Verge Ag empowers farmers to better manage the growing season through efficient planning. The digital twin provides data on elements such as fields, crops, soil, and equipment, allowing farmers to make decisions based on real-time insights. This data-based approach helps farmers reduce costs, safely grow more food, and decrease carbon emissions associated with crop production.

The Digital Supercluster ecosystem of industry and government partners is helping Verge Ag advance its global strategy in markets such as the USA, Latin America, Brazil, Australia and the European Union. Leveraging the credibility of being a Digital Supercluster Member, Verge Ag successfully raised $9.5M in Series A financing this past year.

As part of the Standard Data Platform for Autonomous Agriculture project, Verge Ag launched a self-service version of their product called Launch Pad, attracting ~45 new global trial users a month. The company is also providing its planning solution to Ukrainian farmers who need to increase efficiency, create exclusion zones around explosives, and manage fuel quotas. The product is being used for free in over 13,000 fields, representing close to one million acres in Ukraine.

Since March 2021, Verge Ag has tripled its revenues, with customers reporting increased profitability through direct expense reduction, improved fleet optimization and increased operational efficiencies.

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“We are excited to work with a strong consortium of partners bringing diverse expertise in geospatial technology, data platform development, computer vision and artificial intelligence. We are bringing together complementary solutions that stack well on our technology roadmap—creating one world-class solution that solves a massive problem for our customers. Thanks to the collaborative framework of the Digital Supercluster, we continue to enhance our product-market fit.”


President and CEO of Verge Ag