Blog: Cycle 2 Technology Leadership Program Update

In response to the March 2019 call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) for Cycle 2 Technology Leadership Program projects, we received more than 30 EOIs involving more than 90 organizations. Each submission was relevant, well-presented, and inspirational. 

After a rigorous review, 13 project teams have been invited to make Full Project Proposals (FPPs).

They are:

  • Augmented Reality for Inspection
  • Blockchain for Aviation credentials and identity
  • Blockchain for Tracking Aviation Part History
  • Computational Chemistry Platform for Crop Health
  • Data Query and Anonymization Engine
  • Fresh Water Data Commons
  • Inspection for Composites Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Point-of-Care Ultrasound Network
  • Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance in Mining
  • Machine Learning Resource Modeling
  • MY Health Data Share Platform
  • Predictive Analytics for City Disaster Management
  • Perioperative Opioid Usage Quality Improvement

The 13 submissions involve 46 organizations including 25 small and medium-sized businesses.

All 30 submissions in this competition cycle involve the development of digital products and platforms here in Canada that solve real problems and have the potential to transform industries and be marketed to customers domestically and beyond.

The makeup of the project teams is also important.  The teams have at least three partners including:  a Supercluster member from the private sector; at least one small or medium-sized business; and, at least one post-secondary institution (a complete list of the requirements is available here).   

We anticipate announcing the results of Cycle 2 – including which proposals have been selected for co-investment – later this summer.

Thank you to all our members, associates and their partner organizations for making this project competition so competitive.


Your Digital Technology Supercluster Team