Canada’s Digital Advantage Project is Now Launched

Ok Canada. We are living a critical moment in our history. One where “the digital economy” and “the prosperous economy” have become synonymous. This means that shaping our digital path forward is not an option anymore – it is a necessity to growth and progress.

To make this shift as a country, we’ll need to focus on:

  • Attracting, training, and retaining digital talent
  • Fostering digital entrepreneurship
  • Providing fast, universal, internet access
  • Coordinating innovation between universities, businesses, and digital authorities; and
  • Safeguarding against “digital plateaus” by continuing to invest in institutional foundations, regulatory environments, and capital markets

Now is the time for us to buck the trend of Canada lagging in global innovation – and we need to do this FAST. There is no reason for us to be ranked as a “stalled out economy” when we have what it takes to be a “stand out economy”.   

Introducing the Digital Advantage Project

On November 4, 2021, the Digital Supercluster launched the Digital Advantage Project. This future-shaping exercise will spark a national conversation around the importance of digital technologies and how they align to the health and well-being, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity of Canada.

Through a broad range of conversations across industry, government and academia, we aim to:

  • Understand the future of our healthcare system and how digital technology is transforming it
  • Explore how digitization can transform our traditional industries that have powered our economy for decades
  • Uncover how Canada can dominate in emerging fields driven by digitization
  • Inspire ideas and initiatives that will boost Canada’s innovation
  • Generate increased public and private sector investments in Canadian digital technology

These conversations will culminate in the creation of a digital framework for Canada. At the end of this three-month project, we will publish and share these insights and next steps for all Canadians.

Phase 1: The Big Conversation (Now – Feb 2022)

Phase one of the Digital Advantage Project is a 90-day sprint we endearingly called “The Big Conversation”. During this phase, we will be hosting a three-part event series to engage, inspire and gather input for Canada’s digital framework. These sessions will run approximately 3 hours each in the months of November and December. Stay tuned for more information on the Digital Futures Network, an online community hub that will continue after “The Big Conversation” to continue the exploration of digital futures and new initiatives. To learn more, or sign up for information on the upcoming events, visit: