Early Detection of COVID-19 through AI

Temperature Sensing to Help Canadians in Returning to the New Normal.

Project Budget* - $5.2M

Partner Co-investment - $0.7M

Supercluster Co-investment - $4.5M

Project Partners

Project Overview

As Canada and the world move to prevent the spread of COVID-19, temperature screening is increasingly used to detect potentially sick individuals. However, hand-held temperature checkpoints create bottlenecks and hurdles to the return to what will be a ‘new normal.’

Being able to scan large numbers of people entering hospitals, retail operations, airports and train stations will be critical to protecting the health of Canadians and bending the curve of any second wave.

That’s the goal of Early Detection of COVID-19 through Artificial Intelligence being led by Patriot One Technologies in partnership with Cisco Co-Innovation Centre, University of British Columbia-Okanagan, University of North Dakota, Los Angeles Football Club MLS at Banc of California Stadium and the Cincinnati Reds MLB at Great American Ball Park.

The first phase is to create a software module that works with thermal cameras connected to an existing monitoring system so individuals with elevated temperatures can be highlighted in real time. That person would then be directed to secondary screening used by the organization doing the monitoring. This can help businesses, healthcare, retail, sport, entertainment, and hospitality industries as they re-open and move into the new normal.

It is the use of machine learning to identify anomalies that is the key to making the system work. When the system detects an anomaly outside a nominal body temperature range, an immediate alert is generated and instantly transmitted to onsite security for further action.

The next step for the project is to go beyond temperature and to detect compliance with COVID-19 safety measures like wearing non-medical masks and physical distancing. The project will make this kind of detection possible through a combination of Artificial Intelligence, expertise in computer vision positions, and the development and deployment of the modules that work with existing surveillance equipment.

Real-world testing of both the temperature and face mask detection modules are taking place in several locations across the continent, including university campuses and sports stadiums. Each is unique and the tests will ensure the technology works in varied situations.

This multi-sensor approach also has the potential, if networked, to empower multi-location monitoring that can predict and even mitigate the impact of future outbreaks.

The health of Canadians in the new normal can be protected with this combination of temperature and compliance monitoring.

*As of September 30, contracted amounts.

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