Feasibility Studies + Projects

Beacon - Realtime Global Data Sharing Network

Research and development is happening in silos around the world. Co-ordinating and sharing data globally is extremely difficult to do, whilst adhering to the highest standards of data stewardship. Beacon allows us to do this on a global scale.  Researchers can use the new Beacon search and discover specific mutations in their genomes in real time and map their geographic and evolutionary origins. Sharing genomic information over a cloud-based global network has the potential to improve our knowledge at a speed and scale that isn’t otherwise possible and inform new ways to diagnose and treat people affected by the virus. 

Lead:  DNAstack
Consortium: Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, Hospital for Sick Children, Microsoft 
Project Budget: $0.3M |
Partner Co-investment: $0 | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.3M

DNAstack Corporation – $0.25 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Rapid Repurposing of Drugs for COVID-19

It takes decades and costs millions to develop and deploy new drugs to treat disease. As COVID-19 makes its way around the globe, medical researchers are looking at repurposing approved drugs in an attempt to quickly identify effective treatments. This project uses artificial intelligence to rapidly establish links between drugs that have the potential to combat the effects of COVID-19 and fast-track life-saving treatment for patients. 

Lead: Variational AI Inc. 
adMare BioInnovations  
Project Budget: $0.5M | Partner Co-investment: $0.2M | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.3M

Variational AI Inc. – $0.25 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Risk Management Frameworks for Workplace Safety

As Canada and other countries develop strategies for economic recovery and returning to business, the challenge each government and business faces will be how to develop solutions that can mitigate COVID-19 spread and the risks to a safe return to places of employment.  In this COVID-19 Screening Project, ecoMine, a Vancouver-based biochemistry company, will assess the feasibility of its innovative, low-cost, on-the-spot screening technology for the detection of COVID-19.  With the support of Patriot One, Canada’s leader in visible and invisible threat detection, the ecoMine COVID-19 Screening Project will also develop a roadmap for integrating on-the-spot screening results into secure data architectures, to provide a holistic approach to public health and safety.   

Lead: Ecomine Technologies 
Patriot One, University of British Columbia  
Project Budget: $0.2M | Partner Co-investment: $0.1M | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.1M

EcoMine Technologies – $0.09 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Feeding our Front Lines

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, government and health authorities are taking critical steps to keep communities safe and essential workers supported. Getting fresh, high quality food to essential workers, patients discharged from hospitals to maintain hospital capacity and citizens in quarantine, requires exceptional efficiency from farm to table. This project provides an e-Grocery management system that manages food quality and freshness and optimizes packing and deliveries to ensure fresh food is delivered to our frontline workers and patients, while simultaneously ensuring food security for Canadians throughout the COVID crisis. 

Lead: Food- X
Spud.ca, Adaptech, 1QBit, ETG Consulting, Microsoft  
Project Budget: $0.5M | Partner Co-investment: $0.2M | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.3M

FoodX Technologies – $0.25 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Lifesaver: Predicting Emerging Pandemics

We are currently living through a pandemic. Data alone is insufficient to make decisions on actions to take in an emergency. First-responders, policy makers and the general public need better tools to plan and make decisions in complex emergency and disaster situations, like COVID-19.  There is currently no publicly available source of predictive data suitable for rapidly changing crises such as the COVID19 pandemic. This platform permits rapid decision making to improve the deployment of critical resources. It can forecast a regional need before it develops, utilizing a dataset optimized for use in predictive modelling. It can pull and aggregate data from public sources, health authorities, medical institutions & self- as well as ancillary data such as travel conditions and weather. 

Lead: Finger Food Advanced Technology Group (Unity)
University of British Columbia (Faculty of Medicine and Data Science), Provincial Health Services Authority, MNP 
Project Budget: $0.4M | Partner Co-investment: $0.1M | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.3M

Unity Technologies – $0.25 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Soins de santé à domicile

The centralization of healthcare delivery within acute care facilities is increasingly costly, amounting to $125B in Canada. This solution intends to reduce costs and optimize individual care by shifting patients from hospitals to clinics and home environments through remote monitoring. The project aims to develop a precision medicine platform that uses real-time, remote monitoring and assessment to deliver data for prognostic, diagnostic and treatment regiments.

Lead: XCO Tech Inc.
Providence Health Care, IBM, Ontario Brain Institute, Careteam Technologies, iClinic, Kinduct, Theory & Practice, Indoc, Quebec Network for Research on Aging
Project Budget: $0.1M | Partner Co-investment: $0 | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.1M

XCO Tech Inc – $0.1 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020. 

Feasibility Studies

MOMI (Multi-omi-based Environmental Analytics)

More than ever, healthcare organizations are seeking more efficient and effective ways to deliver healthcare and improve the health and well-being of Canadians. In response, PHEMI Health Systems is leading a study to determine the feasibility of creating a Multi-Omics and Medical Imaging (MOMI) engine to improve the resiliency of health systems, advance translational medicine and enhance health research and innovation capabilities in Canada. Specifically, MOMI seeks to add valuable data that would enhance the capabilities of the health data platforms currently being developed and deployed by provincial health authorities across Canada.

Lead: PHEMI Health Systems
Providence Health Care, BC Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
Project Budget: $0.3M | Partner Co-investment: $0.1M | Supercluster Co-investment: $0.2M

Phemi Systems – $0.2 M

*Montants prévus au contrat au 30 septembre 2020.