Developing a ‘digital brain’ to understand human interactions to deliver an immersive and personalized experience of wellness coaching.

Project Budget – $20M
Partner Co-investment – $11.4M
Supercluster Co-investment – $8.5M 

lululemon athletica – $4.8 M
Wysdom AI – $3.7 M

*Contracted amounts as of June 30, 2021. 

Partenaires du projet

*With funding support from Mitacs

Aperçu du projet

The challenge with wellness coaching is in collecting the data needed to build out the full human model. While physical health inputs like weight, activity, heart rate, hours of sleep are well defined and easily measured, that’s not the case with emotional and social health. This places a limit on being able to access conventional wellness coaching – generally one-on-one. Using machine learning and combined with multimodal data, this project will develop AI models and optimization products to understand human interactions and the environment to assess the state of wellbeing, overcoming a major hurdle in tailoring wellness management.

lululemon athletica has partnered with Wsydom.AI, Queen’s University and Microsoft to lead a project powering a virtual agent that understands human interactions and environment to provide meaningful and targeted fitness and wellbeing engagement and encouragement.

This project will develop a model to understand wellbeing, enabling a ‘digital brain’ (virtual assistant) to understand human interactions to deliver an immersive and personalized experience of coaching. In the end, individuals will be able to work with a digital wellness agent to combine assessment and coaching to achieve their person wellness goals which will enable lululemon’s goal of providing access to wellbeing tools for 10 million people.

À vous de jouer

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