Ideation Forum & Workshop Recap

February was a month of ideations; strengthening and broadening our collaboration across industries. The Earth Observation and Environmental Platforms workshop brought the Earth Data Store project and Fresh Water Data Commons project, as well as Supercluster and community members together, in an effort to build upon the concepts of the projects and explore opportunities in developing a multi-phase platform initiative for follow on investment. Our Ideation Forum held on February 27th was an opportunity for industry partners and researchers to ‘pitch’ their project opportunity, meet with potential key partners and begin ideating project ideas ahead of our Cycle 4 announcement. We had a fantastic turnout, with presentations by the BC Ministry of Health, Best Buy Health, Contextual Genomics, Variational AI, Fujitsu, CanShield Data Center, Texavie, SFU and General Fusion. We look forward to seeing how these ideas come to fruition in future EOI submissions.