Looking Forward to 2022: A note from CEO, Sue Paish

Securing the future prosperity of Canada starts here

Well – that was quite a year! I doubt that anyone anticipated what 2021 would bring. Really – did we expect the ‘heat domes’ and ‘atmospheric rivers’, the persistence of COVID-19 and the humanitarian challenges we faced around the world?

And yet, thankfully, there is still hope and opportunity – and lots of it. 

The past two years have brought out the very best in Canadians – yes, kindness and thoughtfulness for sure and also very large portions of ambition, pride, excitement, determination, commitment and sheer brain power. We have seen this every day in our Supercluster. There are few things more inspiring and energizing that to hear, see and feel the pride and enthusiasm of project teams as they hit their goals and deliver technologies that will build a better Canada – now and for generations to come. 

The direction for 2022 is clear. Together we must do what it takes to improve the health of every Canadian, embrace the power of Canada’s diversity and transition to a green economy. Together, with leadership from our Provinces and Ottawa, we will chart an inclusive path to accelerated economic recovery, resilience, growth and future prosperity.  

Now is time for Digital to get big things done.

As Canada’s largest ecosystem for digital innovation, Digital is primed to be the ultimate launchpad for over 1000 Canadian industry partners, academia, community stakeholders and government agencies to collaborate, unleash bold new research ideas and deliver break-through technologies at speed. The resourcefulness, passion and unbound enthusiasm of our 80+ partner consortiums is fast-tracking the development and adoption of solutions that are helping Canada to win the fight against COVID, combatting climate change and improving the health, safety and well-being of Canadians now, and for generations to come.

I am excited and immensely grateful to see our members lead the way in sustainable natural resource development, advanced healthcare, green business transformation and digital skilling. With a portfolio topping $350M, we have also seen our private sector members lean in and mobilize investment of over $165M to support Canada’s economic recovery. This is just the beginning. 2022 is the year Digital will secure new investments from governments and rally industry investment to:

  • Overcome climate-related challenges and transition natural resource development to green jobs, clean technology and reduced carbon emissions
  • End the fight against COVID, improve health outcomes, support mental well-being and make healthcare accessible to all
  • Digitally transform Canada’s traditional industries, accelerating global competitiveness and growing international exports — in a clean, sustainable way
  • Build inclusive and equitable digital skilling opportunities that support diversity, the recovery of a strong middle class, the shift to green jobs and the creation of a skilled digital talent pool
  • Empower Indigenous partners and communities to adopt digital connectivity, transform from diesel-fueled power to clean energy and cultivate digital talent leaders

As members of Digital, you play a key role in Canada’s economic recovery and future prosperity. We will grow an economy that works for everyone. We will keep all Canadians safe and healthy. We will fight climate change. We will move forward on the path of reconciliation. We will transform businesses into leaders in the digital world.  Now is our chance to create impact in the next year, five years and fifty years by re-shaping the future of Canada’s digital advantage. Ahead of the curve starts here, and we are ready to show the world what’s next. Let’s go!