Autonomous Systems Technician

In tackling talent shortages, telecommunication skills training with an autonomous focus benefits both remote communities and industry.

Project Budget* - $0.9M

Partner Co-investment - $0.6M

Supercluster Co-investment - $0.3M

Project Partners

Project Overview

The Internet of things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are changing the way resource companies operate remote facilities, with real-time sensors and systems ensuring worker safety, monitoring equipment, and increasing productivity.

The Autonomous Systems Technician program will offer new training and certification as the resource sector implements new technologies to enhance operations with real-time data. The program is a collaboration between the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), College of the Rockies, and Teck Resources Limited, and is equipping students with the digital skills they need today to install and maintain the remote telecommunications systems while preparing them to work with future innovative technologies adopted by industry.

The pilot program will focus on training women, Indigenous peoples, and youth who are currently under-represented in the field, so they can build telecommunications careers with an autonomous speciality close to home, addressing the short supply of qualified industry employees. Training people locally will also support sustainable community development and reduce travel and other expenses for industry.

The program will be open to 10 students initially, of which at least half will be Indigenous, female or youths. After the pilot, the goal is an annual class of 16 students. The East Kootenay Region will be the first region to benefit from the program. 

*As of September 30, contracted amounts. 

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