The Secure Health & Genomics Platform Program

An initial proof of concept to aggregate and integrate health and genomic data towards a pan-Canadian digital health platform through a world-class public trust model.

Partner Co-investment - $2.0M

Supercluster Co-investment - $1.4M

Project Budget - $3.4M

Project Partners

Project Overview

Canada’s moment to be a global leader in providing next generation, precision health care to its citizens is now. Through Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster, innovators will take bold action in the $8.7 trillion global health and biosciences marketplace to create and establish a Secure Health and Genomic Platform (the SHGP).

Currently, valuable data in the health care space is siloed, with research and clinical data distributed in many local repositories across the country: there is no currently national platform for health and genomic data.  This reality is stymying the ability of researchers and clinicians to advance the development and implementation of genomic technologies and precision health initiatives.

The Secure Health and Genomic Platform (SHGP) will be an integrated, secure, scalable, pan-Canadian solution for genomics and precision health. This digital platform will democratize access to secure storage, analysis, and sharing of genomics, clinical, and health information datasets to accelerate discoveries and the implementation of precision health innovation on a national basis. The SHGP will build two unique areas as part of the industry solution, where users will interact with unique bioinformatics tools to load, search and share through a Data Library and an Application Marketplace.

Precision Health is one of the most promising applications of genomics and we are well-positioned to capitalize on it,” said Dr. Pascal Spothelfer, President & CEO at Genome BC. “There is unlimited potential when we bring together a strong, multi-disciplinary team and we are sure that Canadians will benefit from this ground-breaking work.”

“This project will accelerate the ability for Canadian innovators, researchers and health providers to work together to create innovative, more accessible precision health treatments for all Canadians,” said Marc Fiume, CEO of DNAstack.

The Secure Health and Genomic Platform leverages the Digital Supercluster ecosystem leaders in cloud computing, bioinformatics, data security, digital enablement, genome science, and health services.  The project team is comprised of Microsoft, DNAstack, Genome BC, LifeLabs, Molecular You, Deloitte and the University of British Columbia (UBC).   The Ministry of Health of BC and the Provincial Health Services Authority are also participating as contributing advisors

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