We are living a critical moment in Canada’s history.

One where “the digital economy” and “the prosperous economy” have become synonymous. All things Canadians care about – our health and well-being, our environmental sustainability, our economic resiliency – are being advanced by massive leaps in digital innovation.
Now is the time for us to shout our digital advantage to the world. But first, we need to get some clarity on what that is.
Is Canada innovating in the right areas, at the right speed, with the right talent?
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Introducing The Digital Advantage Project

The Digital Advantage Project is a future-shaping exercise that will spark a national conversation around the importance of digital technologies and how they align to the health and well-being, environmental sustainability and economic prosperity of Canada.
Through hundreds of conversations, we aim to:
  • Understand how digital technology is transforming traditional industries and solving some of society’s toughest challenges
  • Inspire ideas and initiatives that lead to increased investments in digital innovation
  • Discuss how Canada can dominate in emerging fields that are driven by digitization
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The Big Conversation…

(NOV 2021 – FEB 2022)

Over the next 90 days (starting Nov 2021), the Digital Supercluster will bring together a coalition of Canadians, from across various industries, who are passionate about our digital future.
Communications will happen in the form of scheduled round table discussions, one-on-one interviews, events and webinars. If you prefer to email us, that works too.
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Charting Canada’s Path to the Digital Future

At the end of this three-month project, the Digital Supercluster will share a digital framework that captures the insights and ideas generated through “The Big Conversation” phase.
Will our collaborative momentum end there? No.
Stay tuned for more information on the Digital Futures Network, an online community hub that will explore digital futures and new initiatives to bring those ideas to life.
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Stay tuned for event updates and next steps.

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