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Please note: Our Cycle 4 Technology Leadership call for projects is now closed. We are pleased to announce that we have committed $30M in co-investment to seven exciting and ambitious projects representing $70M of total investment. It was a competitive cycle, having received over 90 project submissions worth approximately $660M across all focus areas, including health, the environment and digital transformation.

Thank you to all those that participated. The incredible response to this call demonstrates the robustness of Canadian innovation as well as the need for funding sources to maximize the potential of this exciting sector.

Earth Data Store

This project collects, standardized, and secures data from multiple sources such as earth observation satellite imagery and environmental sensors, for predictive purposes. Through interactive visual maps and running deep learning algorithms, this project will improve the capability to observe and protect remote areas and predict environmental disasters.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Forest Machine Connectivity

Timber harvesting is expensive and wasteful. This project is developing an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network of ‘smart’ devices that monitor, collect, exchange, analyze and deliver valuable insights to contractors, machine operators, and managers in the timber harvesting supply chain to conserve valuable resources.
Lead: Mosaic Forest Management

Fresh Water Data Commons

Water is a precious resource under significant pressure globally due to climate change and human and industrial activities. This platform will integrate data from various sources, including sensors in the environment, to provide a real-time view of ecosystem health and better inform water use, conservation, and management.
Lead: Carl Data Solutions

Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health

In the face of climate change, increasing threats from pests and pathogens are impacting our environment and food security. This project is developing new pest, and pathogen controls through the application of computational biochemistry, genomics, machine learning, computer vision and robotics, to manage disease in field crops, minimize the use of pesticides, and secure export markets.
Lead: Terramera

Protecting our Oceans

Food security, regional economies and the health of our marine ecosystems are often at risk due to illegal fishing. This project will use machine learning, artificial intelligence and data visualization to identify, track and apprehend illegal fishing vessels to protect our global fisheries and marine ecosystems. 
Lead: MDA Systems Inc.

Satellite-based Environmental Analytics

Climate change is threatening the environment, resource industries, animal and human health. This project uses machine learning and augmented reality to automate and provide faster, more accurate geographic information through satellite imagery to better understand the health of the environment, accurately map wildlife areas, evaluate changes in land surfaces, and manage at-risk regions.
Lead: EarthDaily Analytics

Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes

Using quantum computing to predict faults in advanced manufacturing processes, this project will reduce the failure rate of aircraft components and allow operators to address problems before components are manufactured.
Lead: D-Wave Systems

Learning Factory Digital Twin

Traditional manufacturing is an iterative and costly process. This project is working towards demonstrating a functional blueprint of a digital twin solution for the manufacturing processes of aerospace components. This project will allow hands-on learning and research to drive continuous improvements through predictive planning, real-time monitoring, and quality control.
Lead: Avcorp

Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection

Imagine you are an engineer who needs to document damage on the surfaces of commercial aircraft or large shipping vessels. This project will create a tool to enable the display of data in an augmented reality view to improve the safety, accuracy and cost of inspections of these very large objects.
Lead: Boeing ​

The challenge with wellness coaching is in collecting the data needed to build out the full human model. This project aims to develop a ‘digital brain’ to understand human interactions to deliver an immersive and personalized wellness coaching experience.
Lead: Lululemon

Autism Sharing Initiative

Autism refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication. This project aims to build the first global network for sharing genomics and biomedical data to accelerate research to develop precision healthcare approaches for individuals with autism.
Lead: DNAstack

Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network

Early detection of skin cancer is critical to improving the chances of survival, yet there can be up to a six-month wait time to see a dermatologist. Using AI-powered medical imaging, patients can get diagnosed in days rather than months, anywhere in Canada.
Lead: Change Healthcare

Healthcare to Homecare

Currently, there are an estimated 3 million frail or pre-frail patients in Canada alone. This project is developing the Frailty Care System (FCS) to help identify critical factors of frailty, allowing for essential clinical care, remote patient monitoring, and self-care programs.
Lead: XCO Tech

Intelligent Network for Point-of-Care Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging is used to provide an early diagnosis of many medical conditions. In BC, only 5% of physicians are trained to interpret scans resulting in 40% of patients that are unable to access specialized diagnostic tests or face long wait times. This project will combine portable ultrasound devices, imaging technology, and machine learning to enable family physicians to make accurate diagnoses, regardless of where patients live.
Lead: Providence Health

Personal Health Wallet

Currently, there is no simple and secure way for patients to share their health data with health care professionals. This project applies blockchain technology to personal health data, allowing individuals to have full custody of their health data in a secure environment.
Lead: Molecular You

Reducing Opioid Use for Pain Management

Up to 10% of surgery patients who are prescribed opioids may become addicted. This project is developing an active monitoring system to enable physicians to improve pain management, and proactively manage opioid prescriptions and their use in surgery patients to allow for personalized evaluation of a patient’s use of opioids and response to pain and optimize treatment.
Lead: Careteam

Secure Health and Genomics Platform

This project aims to address one of the biggest challenges and opportunities in healthcare—an effective system to collect, protect, secure, access, and use health data to improve the well-being of all Canadians. The pan-Canadian digital health platform being developed will be geared to democratize access to secure storage, analysis, and health data sharing.
Lead: Deloitte LLP

Tailored Health – Pharmacogenetics

This project will create an integrated approach to prescribing medication that would digitally connect testing labs and medication decision support software with electronic medical records and pharmacy management systems. This integrated approach to prescribing medication aims to get the right drug to the right person at the right time.


Surveys show that more Canadians want to manage their health and wellness and have increased access to digital health tools. This project aims to create a platform that will allow users to quickly and securely share confidential information with online healthcare services and interact collaboratively with health care providers in compliance with the highest privacy protection standards.
Lead: Careteam

Workplace Brain Health

With 13% of the global population afflicted by some kind of mental health disorder, mental health is of critical importance in the working lives of Canadians. This project takes a proactive approach to mental health by developing a digitally-driven program to create a personalized wellness strategy for employees to lead happier and healthier lives.
Lead: Interaxon

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