Technology R&D Projects

Supercluster projects support the development of transformative digital innovations through world-class collaborative teams. These teams aim to solve vexing industrial challenges, pursue compelling market opportunities and earn positions as global innovation leaders.

Our programs advance digital process, product and technology platforms in data collection, data analytics and data visualization where we can turn data into insight and insight into a competitive advantage. In the era of the intelligent enterprise, we aim to lead the world in data-driven innovation.

Data Commons Program

The Data Commons program will enable new digital solutions by aggregating data resources into shared platforms for exploration, machine learning and innovative application development.

Project 1: Earth Data Store

This project will collect, standardize, and secure data from multiple sources such as earth observation satellite imagery and environmental sensors, for predictive purposes. For example, better predicting where wildfires are most likely to occur and finding the most environmentally sensitive manner in which to construct a natural resource project.  Through interactive visual maps and running deep learning algorithms, resource managers will be able to better observe and protect remote areas.


Project 2: Forest Machine Connectivity

This project will use an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) network of ‘smart’ devices to monitor, collect, exchange, analyze, and deliver valuable insights to contractors, machine operators, and managers in the timber harvesting supply chain. This data will improve the productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness of Canada’s wood products manufacturing industry. 


Digital Twins Program

The Digital Twins program leverages digital technologies to create real-time, virtual production environments for operations management, simulation, modelling, and training.

Project 1: Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes

Quantum computing and advanced machine learning will analyze chemical, temperature, voltage and other critical data in the metal finishing manufacturing line for complex aircraft parts. This will provide new insights for the development of a digital twin and an optimized manufacturing process for large equipment such as aircraft components.


Project 2: Learning Factory

A proof-of-concept to develop a digital twin of the
manufacturing process of aerospace components. This will allow hands-on learning and research to drive continuous improvements through predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and quality control. The digital twin will also inform future work and create a new approach to advanced aerospace manufacturing.


Precision Health Program

The Precision Health program aims to establish Canada as a leader in data-driven innovations that consider genomics, lifestyle, and environmental factors to improve disease prevention, early diagnosis, and personalized treatment for improved health.

Project 1: Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network

Imagine being able to quickly diagnose deadly skin cancer by taking a photo. Early detection of skin cancer is critical to improving the chances of survival, yet there can be up to a six month wait time to see a dermatologist. By using AI-powered medical imaging that incorporates dermatology and pathology data and images, patients can bet diagnosed in days, rather than months, anywhere in Canada.


Project 2 Tailored Health – Pharmacogenetics

With a simple cheek swab and pharmacogenetic tools, physicians and pharmacists can tailor for each patient, the type and dose for any of the 900+ most commonly prescribed medications  Through this technology patients can get the right medicine, in the right dose, at the right time, thereby, improving patient outcomes,  reducing harmful drug interactions, and improving the cost-effectiveness of our pharma system.


Project 3: Secure Health and Genomics Platform

This proof-of-concept aims to address one of the biggest challenges and opportunities in healthcare—an effective system to collect, protect, secure, access, and use health data to improve the well-being of all Canadians. The pan-Canadian digital health platform being developed will be geared to democratize access to secure storage, analysis, and sharing of health data.


Capacity Building Program

The Capacity Building Program aims to enhance a connected, competitive and resilient innovation ecosystem, develop a diverse pool of digital talent, and support companies to scale.

Projects are in development.