Beacon - Realtime Global Data Sharing Network

This beacon will enable the scientific and medical communities to share and discover knowledge about the genetics of the virus in real time.

Project Budget - $2.2M

Partner Co-investment - $1.1M

Supercluster Co-investment - $1.1M

Project Collaborators

Project Overview

Research and development is happening in silos around the world. Co-ordinating and sharing data globally is extremely difficult to do, whilst adhering to the highest standards of data stewardship. Beacon allows us to do this on a global scale. Researchers can use the new Beacon to search and discover specific mutations in their genomes in real time, and map their geographic and evolutionary origins. 

Sharing genomic information over a cloud-based global network has the potential to improve our knowledge at a speed and scale that is not otherwise possible and inform new ways to diagnose and treat people affected by the virus.

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Partner Funds contributed to projects Funds received by Supercluster
DNAstack / $1.2M
Microsoft $ 1M /

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