Towards Sustainability: A Discussion on Regenerative Agriculture

India-Canada Digital Collaboration: Digital Technology and AI for Precision Agriculture Workshop Series

Together with Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and IITM-Pravartak Technologies Foundation in India, Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster is hosting a series of workshops to explore the opportunity for industry and research collaborations between Canada and India in regenerative agriculture and the role that digital technologies, computational chemistry, cyber-physical systems, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and automation can contribute towards a sustainable agricultural future.

Our first session held on October 23, focused on Towards Sustainability: A Discussion on Regenerative Agriculture . As we near a total population of 8 billion people, it has become critical to re-define our approaches to agriculture for a sustainable future. Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems that focuses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change, and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.1 In this workshop, we will explore the concepts of:
• Zero-budget farming
• Soil-based technologies
• Optimized and predictive irrigation systems

Featured Speakers:
• Sue Paish, CEO of The Digital Technology Supercluster
• Simon Kennedy, Deputy Minister Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Government of Canada
• Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
• Stewart Beck, President and CEO, Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
• Prof. V. Kamakoti, IITM-Pravartak Technologies Foundation, IIT Madras
• Karn Manhas, Founder and CEO, Terramera
• Mr. Vijaykumar, Rythu sadhikara samstha (Ry.S.S)
• Prof. Devendra Jalihal Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Madras
• Mr. K. Sakthivelu, RF Wave Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
• Chris Rampersad, Urthecast
• Prof. Arun K. Tangirala, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras
• Prof. Sean Smukler, University of British Columbia
• Bruce Ringrose, Farmers Edge

Read more about the speakers and program here.

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