Welcoming Our New Members

We are very excited to welcome Radical IO, Stratum AI, Three Lefts, and XCO as our newest Members to the Digital Technology Supercluster. Each of these companies brings a unique set of capabilities that will complement the growing expertise in our Supercluster.  They are working on transformational technologies in data management, artificial intelligence, blockchain enterprise solutions, and precision medicine.

About the Companies 

Radical IO was founded in 2014 and specializes in data-driven enterprise software development. Radical IO works with government, enterprises, and education organizations to build impactful technology with purpose.

Stratum AI aims to increase mine efficiency using artificial intelligence. Using AI, the Stratum AI team is able to accurately model ore bodies from core data using quantum hardware.

Three Lefts is a research and development studio focused on the Blockchain.  The Three Lefts team has built custom solutions for their clients and launched a smart Contract platform, StonePaper.io, which allows for the communication and consolidation of legal contracts for increased efficiency, enforcement, and auditability.

XCO is focused on advancing precision medicine through new insights into health and performance. Their XPS BioAnalytics platform brings together motion tracking data with biometrics and cognition assessments, resulting in a real-time assessment tool that is both highly individualized and easy to use.

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