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Addressing the critical challenges of our time through tech talent development, cross-industry problem solving and co-investment in digital technology solutions.

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Our goals are aligned with yours.

Our community is the catalyst behind bold changes that are driving a stronger future for Canada. We are here to help you develop new products and services, build world-class teams, and create a fundamental shift to a sustainable, prosperous and healthy future.

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Economic impact

(As of October 2021)

Organizations involved in projects
Full-time employees in projects
Learning & development placements
New jobs created by 2028
Of funding goes to SMEs
SMEs scaled
Of teams exploring international opportunities
Potential revenue for Canadian businesses

Digital R&D impact

(As of October 2021)

Total invested
Attracted from industry
IP Assets anticipated
Foreground IPs created
Trade secrets
Patent applications
Products & services in development

Environmental impact

We focus on digital innovation projects that help predict severe weather events, protect our oceans and manage crop disease. Our projects span across the natural resource sectors, including fishing, mining, forestry and agriculture.

Health impact

From medical innovations to cancer treatment breakthroughs, we are here to fuel digital technology innovation that will improve Canadian healthcare and well-being.

Industry impact

We are committed to helping industrial companies drive productivity, improve supply-chain interactions and enhance safety through industry-led innovation and digital transformation.

Digital talent impact

Our Community knows that growing the Canadian digital talent pool is the key to our nation’s prosperity and well-being.

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