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About the Global Innovation Clusters Initiative

Together, we are accelerating Canadian innovation, building a skilled and diverse workforce and helping to grow small and medium-sized enterprises.

A made-in-Canada approach

The Global Innovation Clusters initiative (formerly known as the Innovation Supercluster Initiative) is a Canadian federal program that was created in 2018. Across Canada there are 5 Clusters, each operating as an independent, not-for-profit entity and funded through co-investment by government and industry, with an expectation of dollar-for-dollar matching. So far, industry investment has surpassed this expectation.

By March 2023, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) will have invested up to $950 million through 5 non repayable contributions, supporting some of Canada’s most promising industries:

In Budget 2022 the continued success of the program was acknowledged by the Government of Canada with the commitment of a further $750M over six years to support the further growth and development of Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters. These clusters will expand their national presence and will collaborate to deepen their impact, including through joint missions aligned with key government priorities, such as fighting climate change and addressing supply chain disruptions. To maximize the impact of this funding and to ensure it corresponds with industry and government needs, it will be allocated between the five clusters on a competitive basis.

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Growing Canada’s economic prosperity

(*As of November 22, 2021, data includes approved projects and those not yet publicly announced)

The Global Innovation Clusters have successfully proven that together, we are capable of so much more. To date, we have:

Members across Canada
People being trained and mentored, developing valuable skillsets in the process
Projects led by small and medium sized enterprises
New products, processes and/or services in development
Direct jobs created
Unique project partners collaborating across the country
Attracted in industry matching funds

A unique innovation model designed for the era of collaboration

Members of Canada’s superclusters, many of which are SMEs, are spread across every region of the country, from coast to coast to coast. Our programs are geared towards bringing innovation from lab to market. We are committed to:

  • Building the strongest innovation ecosystem in Canada
  • Facilitating connection and collaboration across sectors
  • Supporting shared investment and shared risk in innovation
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