Project ABC

Authorization, booking, and coordination of widespread serological testing and immunization.

Project Budget* - $4.4M

Partner Co-investment* - $1.4M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $3.0M

Project Collaborators

Project Overview

Ensuring efficient and effective disease testing during a pandemic requires the integration and automation of complex, versatile assessment, scheduling, and planning tools. A citizen’s access to the health care system at multiple points, and current tools enabling tracking that data, are labour intensive and are insufficient to cope with addressing the volume of tests required during a pandemic.

When the pandemic began, policies were put in place to ensure that vulnerable populations, including the elderly, healthcare workers, and other “at-risk individuals”, were tested first and would have priority access to vaccines. Within the health care system, the process to co-ordinate this prioritization and action plan is not as efficient as it could be.

Project ABC is aiming to remove bottlenecks with a solution that will enable automated assessment, authorization, booking, and coordination of widespread testing and, when available, immunization.

The project is led by Cambian in partnership with LifeLabs, IBM Canada, WELL Health, Tickit Health, Providence Health Care, and Simon Fraser University

Project ABC will integrate and automate three existing but independent processes. It will organize assessment of an individual’s status, authorization and sequencing of testing and vaccination based on that assessment and the jurisdiction’s policies and priorities, deliver mass scheduling services through existing health clinics and hospitals as well as temporary locations, and allow people to register and book appointments conveniently online.

Project ABC is bringing together open standards to integrate, automate, and coordinate workflows within existing tools. By distributing and automating the process, this initiative will prevent the kind of system crashes and bottlenecks that happen under current centralized booking services. The information from the bookings is automatically used to forecast demand and make sure venues have the required tests and vaccines on hand.

This project aims to pilot the solution with a British Columbia regional health authority, including testing with hospitals and vulnerable populations in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

In the final phase, the team aims to implement Project ABC in other provinces.

*amounts at time of project selection

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