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First Projects Funded, Cycle Two Open

We’re pleased to announce approved funding for the Digital Technology Supercluster’s first Cohort of innovation projects. A total of $40 million is being invested over a three-year period in seven projects driving innovation in forestry, manufacturing, earth observation and precision health. The Supercluster is pleased to provide $15 million of co-investment into these projects. More information on these first projects can be found here.

With a successful first Cohort approved, we’re also excited to announce the opening of the Technology Leadership program's Cycle 2 investments. Supercluster members and associates are invited to submit Expressions of Interest for the next wave of data-driven, digital innovations to transform healthcare, manufacturing and manufacturing. We’re also looking for bold ideas that leverage disruptive digital technologies to create new industries where Canadian companies and their partners can become global leaders. So, if you’re ready to take on the world, get involved in Cycle Two.

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What is the Digital Technology Supercluster?

The Digital Technology Supercluster facilitates and funds ambitious, collaborative technology leadership projects that develop products and platforms. Through this, Canadian businesses grow and prosper, creating jobs, inspired work environments and economic growth for Canada. The world will see Canada as a global leader in the development of relevant digital products and platforms.
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Who are we?

We are a proud member of a national network of five Canadian, business-led innovation superclusters that will foster stronger connections—from large anchor firms to start-ups, from post-secondary institutions to research and government partners—and opening the door to new forms of industry partnership while we energize the economy and become engines of growth. The Innovation Supercluster Initiative from the Government of Canada represents a significant commitment to a new model for innovation in Canada, co-investing in ambitious technology development projects to strengthen Canada's most promising clusters and to build superclusters at scale.
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Our Progress

In February of 2018, our Supercluster was one of five superclusters selected to share in $950 million dedicated by the Government of Canada to the Innovation Supercluster Initiative - an exciting strategy aimed at driving commercially successful innovation, fostering growth and creating jobs across Canada.

How does this benefit Canadians?

Superclusters make it easier for innovators and potential customers to harness the strengths of their local ecosystems, to work closely together on the research, development and demonstration activities that will lead to major commercial opportunities and boost productivity across industries, and to create jobs and drive economic growth.

Get Involved

There are two ways that your organization can join the Supercluster and start to get involved in collaborative projects designed to build world class digital technologies while growing our ecosystem and capacity as we become a world leader in the digital transformation of our economies and our society.
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