Rapid Deployment of Emergency Case Management

Building a virtual health and social safety net for patients, caregivers.

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Project Overview

More than half of Canadians face an increased risk of COVID-19 because they are seniors or due to their underlying health conditions. It’s critical that multiple health and social service agencies can connect with each other and, together, monitor the health care of these vulnerable populations, especially those in isolation due to the spread of the disease. Effective communications can protect these people and help stop the spread of the virus.

The challenge confronting organizations is a lack of communications and coordination tools that will allow them to virtually connect and share information – with each other and with patients and their caregivers. As well, many of the supports and services patients require are not being accessed due to isolation requirements, or public perceptions that people should avoid accessing health care services during the pandemic.

The Rapid Deployment of Emergency Case Management project aims to change this through a digital solution that will provide any ongoing virtual case management and collaboration – tracking, support, communication and coordination – for COVID-19 and ongoing health issues.

The project is being launched with a focus on vulnerable seniors in isolation in the Ottawa area and is led by Careteam Technologies in partnerships with Ottawa Hospital’s Regional Geriatric Program of Eastern Ontario, AlayaCare, CognisantMD, Caredove, and the University of Ottawa.

The digital platform brings together both health and social service organizations so they can share personalized care planscommunicate about case managementand conduct online assessments of both COVID-19 and regular health statuses. It also gives patients and their caregivers a convenient hub for online check-ins, an easy way to make service requests, and a way to receive tailored information and resources. 

The platform has applications beyond the initial rollout in Ottawa and could help seniors in other parts of the country, as well as with other vulnerable groups, including those with multiple complex medical conditions, and those with mental health concerns.

The Rapid Deployment of Emergency Case Management project’s digital platform is a virtual health and social safety net spanning health and social services as well as “informal” (caregiver) and “formal” careThis will allow for better coordination of care and thus improved health outcomes for at-risk patients and their caregivers as its adoption spreads. 

*As of September 30, contracted amounts.

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