Reduce Risk: Post-COVID Analytics Platform for Returning to Work

AI-assisted risk management for people returning to work.

Project Budget* - $2.6M

Partner Co-investment* - $1.2M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $1.4M

Project Collaborators

Project Overview

The COVID-19 pandemic not only has put the health of Canadians at risk but has also harmed the long-term health of our country’s economy. Businesses, factories, and warehouses need to open. Employers are eager to welcome back workers and customers, and employees are eager to return to work. But when will it be safe for them to do so?

Until now, there has been no accurate method for determining whether it is safe for a particular employee to return to work. Although physical distancing and other safety requirements can protect people, what’s needed is a tool that can rapidly assess each worker’s risk of contracting the virus, the likely severity of the infection, and the risk of post-infection problems.

By collecting data in one place, the Reduce Risk analytics platform will be able to create models for the disease and quickly perform a risk assessment for people who want to return to work. Molecular You is leading the project team, which includes AltaML, Roche Canada, Municipality of Brooks, Alberta, WorkSafeBC, Alberta Blue Cross, and MRM Proteomics.

The platform will include a safe and secure central data warehouse with one of the largest sets of high-dimensional COVID-19 patient data available. The information will include the individual’s phenotype, type of blood protein, metabolite, environmental exposures levels, and genetic variants. The platform will also use artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that will accelerate analysis and generate new knowledge.

This goal is building an understanding of why some people are at high risk for severe progression of the disease and how the body responds to COVID-19. Mathematical models and predictive algorithms will forecast underlying health risks and emerging health issues in patients, helping to predict long-term COVID-19 complications.

Because the high-dimensional information is sensitive, the platform incorporates a blockchain-based privacy system called the MyPDx Health Wallet, which will allow employees to inform their employers of their ability to return to work without revealing any details of their conditions.

By providing a cost-effective COVID-19 disease risk assessment, the Reduce Risk platform will allow employers and employees to be better prepared to return to work. The platform will also be easily adaptable to eventually launch beyond Canada.

*amounts at time of project selection

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