ReSTART: Post-COVID Surgeries and Medical Procedures

A digital solution to help clear Canada’s surgery backlog.

Project Budget* - $1.9M

Partner Co-investment* - $0.3M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $1.6M

Project Collaborators

Project Overview

One of the most daunting health challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the virus itself. The health of many Canadians has been put at risk as surgeries have been delayed keeping hospitals, ICUs and hospital beds on standby for a potential wave of critical COVID patients.

The backlog of elective surgeries and other medical procedures, such as endoscopies and chemotherapy, is estimated in the hundreds of thousands across Canada. It could take 5 to 10 years to clear the backlog, even by performing more surgeries than before the crisis.

The ReSTART project aims to help tackle the backlog and prevent a resurgence of COVID-19 in the healthcare system through an end-to-end digital solution that can more effectively manage surgical services. Led by SeamlessMD, the project team brings together Xerus Medical, Excelar Technologies, AltaML, Toronto East Health Network and Trillium Health Partners.

Through the new application, patients will be able to remotely complete preoperative assessments, COVID-19 screenings, and access educational content on how to prepare for their surgery. Patients will also be able to access recovery content resources and continue reporting their symptoms after their surgery. This physically-distant process will reduce their risk of COVID-19 infection. The data will be available for the medical professionals to review securely via an online dashboard. The machine learning incorporated into the system will use health record data to predict cancellations, readmissions and emergency visits, and help forecast the urgency and prioritization of cases.

Clinicians and administrators will also be able to look at analytics, dashboards and reports from the program that will indicate potential improvements. It can boost efficiency in tackling the backlog, showing the main reasons patients face cancellations or readmissions.

Post-pandemic, the solution will help strengthen virtual clinics and health professionals will be able to review the data to decide whether face-to-face meetings and assessments are required. Fewer patients will be in waiting rooms queued for unneeded consultations. The system will also help ensure the sickest patients are well prepared for their surgery day, resulting in fewer day-of cancellations. Patients will also benefit from a better discharge process, where better recovery self-management and monitoring will reduce readmissions and emergency visits. The project has the potential to enhance health care systems across Canada and the world.

*amounts at time of project selection

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