Fresh Water Data Commons

Harnessing data to improve water use, conservations and management.

Partner Co-investment - $3.2M

Supercluster Co-investment - $1.5M

Project Budget - $4.7M

Project Partners

Project Overview

Fresh water is critical to our health, our communities and our economic future. The global supply of this precious resource is under constant threat from increasing demands for human and industrial uses, and from growing pressures fuelled by climate change. According to a 2016 United Nations Report, water consumption is predicted to rise 85 percent by 2030 and drive demand that will outstrip supply by more than 40 per cent. 

Monitoring water use and supply is essential for overcoming these challenges and collecting data can provide a real-time view of ecosystem health and better inform water use, conservation, and management.

Carl Data Solutions is leading the Fresh Water Data Commons research consortium which, includes Teck Resources, Microsoft, Astra Smart Systems, i4C Innovation, Living Lakes Canada, the University of Victoria, and Genome British Columbia (Genome BC). The goal of the project is to develop a platform for harnessing all the water monitoring data from an entire river basin to better understand the health of the surrounding ecosystem.

The project will focus on the Columbia Basin in southeastern British Columbia (BC). The region presents a diverse set of data types and monitoring conditions due to varied geographies ranging from remote areas to locations with large industrial users of water. Data, monitoring, and water management systems from municipalities, industry, regulators, and Indigenous communities will be connected, and their information stored centrally in the cloud.

Real-time data will also be collected across the pilot area with a network of low-power, low-cost sensors in the environment to measure water quantity, water quality, as well as climate data, including precipitation. This biomonitoring data will improve our understanding of the relationship between water quality, microorganisms, and industrial activities. Real-time data combined with visualization tools will improve regional water management. 

This platform offers a new monitoring tool to help every part of Canada -and the world – use data to protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy as the demand for fresh water continues to rise.

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