Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection

Enhancing transportation inspections through augmented reality.

Partner Co-investment - $335K

Supercluster Co-investment - $229K

Project Budget - $564K

Project Partners

Project Overview

The inspection of aircraft is a constant and critical part of commercial aviation operations.

To ensure accuracy and continuity in equipment inspections, inspectors rely on written records and photographs of the aircraft generated by previous inspectors. Damage and repairs are often manually mapped by aircraft mechanics and technicians, and information must be double- or triple-checked to ensure location accuracy. 

This is the opportunity on which the Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection research consortium is focused. Made up of Boeing Vancouver, Finger Food Advanced Technology Group, and Simon Fraser University, the project consortium will research the viability of creating an augmented reality (AR) capability for aircraft maintenance and inspection.


The objective of the consortium is to build a specifically designed AR engine to allow inspectors to examine historical and current data during inspections, and compare the plane’s current state to its state during previous inspections. 

The initial focus will be repairs to the surface of an airplane. Learnings from this project could lead to a host of applications that leverage AR for the inspection of large objects across the transportation industry and beyond. 

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