Personal Health Wallet

Using blockchain technology to unlock the ability to securely share private health information.

Partner Co-investment - $ 834K

Supercluster Co-investment - $545K

Project Budget - $1.4M

Project Partners

*With funding support from Mitacs

Project Overview

Imagine being able to present a complete medical history to your healthcare professional-from test results, prescription history to treatment records. It is highly sensitive, personal information. An individual’s health data also remains mostly unconnected, preventing the ability to present all or part of their medical history when seeing a healthcare professional. 

Integrating this data brings technical challenges. It also raises privacy concerns about who can have access to the information, and how they get access.

Giving people control of their own healthcare data is the goal of the Personal Health Wallet consortium made up of Molecular You, StonePaper, and the University of British Columbia. The project will have representatives from the  B.C. government Ministries of Health and Citizens’ Services, Hoffmann-La Roche Limited (Roche Canada), IBM, DNAstack, Microbiome Insights and Microsoft participating in an advisory capacity.

Open-source blockchain technology will give individuals complete control of their health data and the cryptography to support the security, authenticity, and integrity of their data. Through this technology, individuals will be able to choose to share information with researchers, doctors, and healthcare professionals in a way that lets them be in control of their personal health information, knowing that their privacy and the security of their data is protected. 

The long-term goal is the creation of a personalized health wallet that allows every individual to confidently manage data sharing with approved parties, and a reward system that encourages data sharing and healthy behavioural change. 

The platform will also help overcome growing trust barriers that make it difficult for healthcare researchers and providers to access real-world data to drive improvements in healthcare research and artificial intelligence. Putting the person in control of sharing their own data can help break down these barriers. 

As the platform evolves and individuals are empowered to securely and privately share personal health information, it will help us move from a culture of treating illness to one of managing health and wellbeing. 

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