This project aims to empower Canadians through a trustworthy health platform that enables them to view, share and manage their own health data in a secure manner.

Project Budget* - $5.9M

Partner Co-investment - $3.7M

Supercluster Co-investment - $2.2M

Careteam Technologies Inc. – $0.48 M
Smile CDR In. – $0.57 M
SecureKey Technologies Inc. – $0.27 M
MedStack Inc. – $0.30M
IDENTOS Inc. – $0.62 M

*Contracted amounts as of September 30, 2020. 

Project Collaborators

* With funding support from Mitacs

Project Overview

The benefits of data-driven healthcare will empower patients to improve how they manage their health, wellness and care journey. However, the emergence of tailored digital health, leveraging artificial intelligence, smartphone apps and sensors, requires comprehensive data and innovative ways to safely manage access to personal information. 

Secure, patient-controlled data access and portability of health data is currently limited. Concerns about the privacy of patients and data breaches limit regular, secure sharing of health information. For many patients, the need for special passwords or IDs, or even physical code generators, poses further challenges to the effective and efficient sharing of needed clinical information.  

To empower patients and enable healthcare providers with improved access to health data, a digital trust framework that operates seamlessly across the entire healthcare system is needed. This framework will drive more efficient healthcare delivery and better health outcomes for patients. 

In response, TRUSTSPHERE aims to close the trust gap and reduce the complexities involved with digital transactions. The project is led by Careteam Technologies and includes the University of British Columbia, Secure Key, IDENTOS, Smile CDR, MedStack and BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

The platform will adopt open standards and a cooperative governance model that will allow users to easily and securely share confidential information through online healthcare services, in compliance with the highest standards of privacy protection. Patients will control the sharing and access to the information they deem sensitive. 

Patients will benefit from easier access to fulsome health information and improved quality of care with reduced duplication of work and information gaps.

The pilot phases start with children in B.C. with Type 1 diabetes, with the goal to engage other patient groups as well as expand across Canada and then internationally.

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