Workplace Brain Health

This project aims to develop a brain health data repository to help employers and employees better understand how sleep and meditation impact cognitive function.

Project Budget – $2.0M
Partner Co-investment – $1.1M
Supercluster Co-investment – $0.8M 

  • Interaxon – $0.7M
  • Hatch – $0.14M
  • Cambridge Brain Sciences – $0.03M

*Contracted amounts as of December 22 , 2020

Project Partners

Project Overview

It is broadly accepted that sleep is essential to our overall health and well-being. But to what degree do sleep and other positive lifestyle factors such as meditation contribute to our overall brain health and help us operate at our best?

Interaxon, with its leading consumer EEG platform, is spearheading the Workplace Brain Health Platform team in collaboration with Cambridge Brain Sciences, Hatch and Western University. This team aims to develop a brain health data repository to help employers and employees better understand how sleep as well as activities such as meditation can impact cognitive function (learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving and decision making). In turn, the team seeks to determine the impact of cognitive performance on the overall health and safety of Canadian workers, especially in natural resources, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and construction.

The vision is to develop a substantial repository of aggregated and anonymized data related to sleep and meditation. This large consolidation of data and data-driven insights will be leveraged toward a variety of machine learning applications to improve the well-being of Canadians and create new health and wellness products that support the enhancement of cognitive performance.

The first phase of the Workplace Brain Health Platform project includes a pilot study wherein employees who participate in the project will benefit from an engaging user experience that integrates biometrics (measurements of brain, heart and other physiological data) and individual survey data toward the vision of producing a highly personalized wellness solution, which will include tools such as a meditation app and the Muse S sleep band, in addition to cognitive and behavioural assessments offered by Cambridge Brain Sciences.

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