A Busy Year for Championing Canadian Innovation

We Commemorated 5 Years of Growing Canadian Industry.

2023 marked a significant milestone as we commemorated five years of growing Canadian industry and expanding our impact through dedicated programs focusing on health, natural resources, artificial intelligence, skilling and housing opportunities. We announced our partnership with the CAN Health Network to continue fostering collaboration across our ecosystems to help Canadian companies get stronger and respond to real challenges facing this country. We celebrated the culmination of $190M in applied AI investments and introduced our Horizon AI program, a $30M initiative set to drive the commercialization of made-in-Canada AI solutions and position our country as a global leader in emerging markets. We also closed the last of 38 projects in our $90M COVID-19 portfolio, which contained initiatives that provided critical support to our hospitals, seniors, testing and therapeutic development and alleviated the pressures on our healthcare system and food supply chains. We also put 7,000 Canadians on the path to in-demand careers in the digital economy; ensuring that we have the leadership to develop these solutions both today and for years to come.

We Launched 6 Calls for Proposals.

This year alone, we launched 6 calls for proposals under existing and new programs to mobilize break-through technology innovation and talent initiatives. We continue to be called on by our private and public industry partners to solve big challenges: from accelerating commercialization of novel digital technologies, positioning Canada as a global leader in artificial intelligence, growing our housing production capacity and more.

We Celebrated Your Major Wins.

We celebrated alongside our Members in their impacts, recognition and ongoing potential for representing the best of Canadian innovation. To name just a few:

We’re always looking to highlight the growth and success of our Members. Keep in touch throughout the year so we can celebrate together!

We grew, too.

You need a great team to rise to big challenges. Since 2018, DIGITAL has benefited from the energy, passion and brilliance of a small yet mighty team that has now grown to 28 bright minds committed to the potential of Canadian innovation. 

In addition to growing our team, we appointed a new Board of Directors. Our Directors bring decades of expertise in innovation, growth, skilling, and the development and deployment of digital innovations across numerous sectors. Their experience, knowledge and perspectives on growing Canadian companies and deploying world-leading digital solutions to some of industry and society’s biggest challenges will guide and govern DIGITAL as we continue to accelerate our impact across Canada and beyond.