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Upcoming Events

The Data Effect Summit: How to Build a Digital Society 
June 3rd at 12:00am

The Data Effect Summit: How to Build a Digital Society 

A data-driven digital revolution is sweeping through our economy, education, social media, politics and even environmental change. And it is disruptive. It means we need to build an advanced digital society – where data is trusted, leveraged and shared – and where everyone benefits. Join us in Vancouver on June 3 to learn how we can build a better digital era. Members can use promo code: DTSxTDE, to get $50 off in-person tickets 

Speaking Events

INVENTURE$: The Future is Coming
June 3rd at 10:15am

INVENTURE$: The Future is Coming

Join the best and brightest in global innovation for three days of learning, inspiration and creative collisions. Our CEO, Sue Paish, will be speaking in the Game Changing Health track on the Enabling Value with Data panel.

NanoCanada Conference: From Earth to Space
June 9th at 8:00am

NanoCanada Conference: From Earth to Space

This year’s conference will demonstrate the power of advanced materials and nanotechnology in addressing three themes: the future of health and nanomedicine, sustainability from water, energy and food and the future and beyond, from a perspective of technology convergence and the integration of deep technologies. Our COO, Bill Tam, will be speaking on the Supercluster panel to share our impact to date and the integration of digital technologies in everyday life.

New Economic Opportunities in Vancouver’s Tech Community
June 13th at 11:30am

New Economic Opportunities in Vancouver’s Tech Community

B.C.’s tech sector is more than a driver of economic growth: it has been praised as a highly collaborative ecosystem, where individual players are invested in each other’s success. Join us for a panel discussion that explores the economic impact and opportunities for B.C.’s technology and innovation economy. Our CEO, Sue Paish, will be speaking alongside Jesse Dougherty, VP of Amazon.

Eureka: Global Innovation Summit
June 22nd at 12:00am

Eureka: Global Innovation Summit

The Eureka Global Innovation Summit is an annual networking event that showcases the Eureka network and provides opportunities for companies to initiate collaborative projects with companies from Europe and beyond. This year’s theme is “a journey across the Atlantic by connecting oceans to uncover innovative and collaborative ways to build a more sustainable future.” Our COO, Bill Tam, is pleased to speak on the Digital transformation driving the transition to a sustainable future panel.

Past Events

May 17th at 11:30am

The Data Effect: Fighting Climate Change With Data

May 16th at 12:00am

Canadian Innovation Week (May 16 – 20)

May 5th at 10:00am

IP strategies to enable scale ups

May 2nd at 11:00am

Agri-Food Innovation Council: Spring Engagement Session

April 28th at 11:30am

INOVAIT Discovery Forum

April 26th at 8:30am

Agtech Building Food’s Future

April 25th at 8:00am

2nd ABAC Meeting

April 21st at 6:00pm

Governors’ Gala and Rix Awards

April 7th at 11:30am

The Data Effect: Data-Driven Health Care Breakthroughs

April 6th at 10:00am

Toward a world-class health data system: University of Waterloo – CIGI virtual conference on health data

March 29th at 10:00am

Waking up to Cyberattacks

March 29th at 8:00am

GLOBE Forum 2022

March 24th at 6:00am

5th Annual IP Data & Research Conference

March 11th at 7:00am

Digital Health: What is next for Ontario

March 2nd at 4:30pm

Japan Canadian Technology Accelerator: Smart Cities Demo Day

February 25th at 12:00pm

Engaged Leadership Roundtable Discussion

February 24th at 10:00am

Lifting the Veil on Trade Secrets

February 23rd at 10:30am

New North Star III: Charting a Moonshot-Oriented Innovation Strategy

February 22nd at 9:00am

India DX Summit 3.0: Thriving in the New World Order

February 22nd at 9:00am

Compass Project Announcement

February 2nd at 9:00am

Understanding and Managing the Legal and Ethical Risks of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

January 27th at 10:30am

Where IP Strategy Can Go Wrong: Pitfalls for Companies in the Digital Space

January 21st at 8:00am

Economic Outlook Forum 2022

January 18th at 9:00am

B.C. Natural Resources Forum

December 7th at 9:00am

Cascadia Region Innovation & Circular Economy Conference

November 23rd at 12:00pm

How to use IP and Standards as Strategic Tools for Growth

November 16th at 8:00am

Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference

November 4th at 10:00am

The Data Effect: Canada’s Digital Imperative

November 3rd at 4:00pm

October 25th at 10:30am

Women in Mining in BC: Brunch & Learn

October 21st at 8:00am

21st Annual Healthcare Summit

October 19th at 9:00am

ESG in BC: Innovation in BC

October 13th at 5:00pm

Women Leading Change in STEM

October 13th at 8:00am

Big Data and AI