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Fast-tracking the advancement of Canadian digital technologies that improve our health and wellbeing, protect our environment and drive economic productivity.


Ahead of the curve starts here. DIGITAL is building a better Canada by growing Canadian businesses, creating a digitally skilled workforce and positively impacting lives across our country. We accelerate the development and adoption of digital technologies that keep Canadians healthy, address climate change and drive economic productivity.

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We unlock the potential of Canadians to lead and succeed in the digital world.

Canada has a vision to lead our Digital World. DIGITAL is an independent, not-for-profit organization created to make this vision a reality. We accelerate R&D investment, technology adoption and the re-skilling of our Canadian talent by introducing a new type of innovation model that is led by industry. Through a unique combination of co-investment, cross-industry collaboration, IP creation and digital talent development, we have built the strongest digital innovation ecosystem in Canada.

Of global corporate revenue will come from digital ecosystems by 2025 ~$60 trillion
Of new business value over the next decade will be through digitally enabled platforms
Of companies say they are experiencing skills gaps now or expect them within a few years

We bring together people across industry, academia and government to solve society’s biggest challenges

DIGITAL focuses on supporting Canada’s strongest sectors, working with innovators and industry leaders that want to advance their R&D, prepare for digital transformation and team up with new partners to develop breakthrough technologies backed by Canadian IP. Areas of Interest include:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Natural Resources & Agriculture
  • Industrial Transformation & Productivity
  • Service & Systems
  • Talent & Connectivity
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Our innovation approach is working.

Invested in Canadian-Led Innovation
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IP Assets & Patents Generated

As of March 2024

Environmental impact

We focus on digital innovation projects that help predict severe weather events, protect our oceans and manage crop disease. Our projects span across the natural resource sectors, including fishing, mining, forestry and agriculture.

Health impact

From medical innovations to cancer treatment breakthroughs, we are here to fuel digital technology innovation that will improve Canadian healthcare and well-being.

Industry impact

We are committed to helping industrial companies drive productivity, improve supply-chain interactions and enhance safety through industry-led innovation and digital transformation.

Digital talent impact

Our Community knows that growing the Canadian digital talent pool is the key to our nation’s prosperity and well-being.

We help Canadians rapidly innovate and change the world as we know it.

Our Community solves some of industry and society’s biggest problems through the development, deployment and scaling of Canadian-made digital technologies. We are a non-profit Canadian consortia that focuses on accelerating digital technology innovation, developing a digital workforce and mobilizing investment through:

Industry-led Collaboration

Harnessing the power of industry-led, collaborative Canadian R&D

Co-investment in Development

Co-investment in digital technology R&D projects through a competitive selection process

Driving Digital Adoption

Unlocking the potential of Canadians and businesses to succeed in the digital world

A made-in-Canada approach

The Global Innovation Clusters initiative (formerly known as the Innovation Supercluster Initiative) is a Canadian federal program that was created in 2018. Across Canada there are 5 Clusters, each operating as an independent, not-for-profit entity and funded through co-investment by government and industry, with an expectation of dollar-for-dollar matching. So far, industry investment has surpassed this expectation.

By March 2023, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) will have invested up to $950 million through 5 non repayable contributions, supporting some of Canada’s most promising industries:

In Budget 2022 the continued success of the program was acknowledged by the Government of Canada with the commitment of a further $750M over six years to support the further growth and development of Canada’s Global Innovation Clusters. These clusters will expand their national presence and will collaborate to deepen their impact, including through joint missions aligned with key government priorities, such as fighting climate change and addressing supply chain disruptions. To maximize the impact of this funding and to ensure it corresponds with industry and government needs, it will be allocated between the five clusters on a competitive basis.

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We value relationships and technologies that are meaningful, collaborative, courageous and visionary

We are guided by a set of core values that define how our community interacts and works together.


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