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Privacy Policy

DIGITAL Privacy Notice

Last Revised: January 19, 2024

Information We Collect and How We Use It

We use Personal Information to get in touch with you or assist with our operations. Specifically, we may collect:

  1. Contact information, such as name, address, telephone number and email address. We use contact information to communicate with you about our work and share relevant information such as our monthly newsletter, project updates, and invitations to events. Contact information related to a person’s business or employment is not personal information, but we will respect your wishes if you ask us to stop publishing it.
  2. Prospective Employment Information submitted through resumes, job applications or otherwise on DIGITAL’s website or through DIGITAL’s service providers. We use this information to recruit new talent or enable members to recruit talent. If we hire you, we will continue to use this information in relation to your employment.
  3. Application Information submitted in connection with your application to participate in a DIGITAL program, such as our Pathways program. We use this information to administer the program and meet the requirements of our funding providers, such as tracking the outcomes of the program.
  4. Log-in Information such as username and password. This information is only collected for users who create accounts with us.

Information Collected Automatically

When you use our website, we may automatically receive and record technical information on logs and databases from your browser, application, services or device(s). Information collected automatically may include your IP address, location details, “cookie” information, mobile device, operating system, the type of browser, demographic information, application and device(s) you’re using to access our website, click-through paths, the identity of the page or feature you are requesting or interacting with, time on page of feature, and other indicators of how you are interacting with our website.

“Cookies” are identifiers we transfer to your device that allow us to recognize your browser, application, or device.

We use analytical cookies to tell us how and when various pages and features in our website are visited or used and by how many people. We also use technical cookies to enable users to log into their account with us and remain logged-in. We do not use cookies for advertising-related purposes.

You may be able to change the preferences on your browser, application or device to prevent or limit your device’s acceptance of cookies, but this may prevent you from taking advantage of some of our features. We may associate the information we collect from your different devices, which helps us provide consistent services across devices.


Sharing of Personal Information

We may choose to disclose your Personal Information to members of DIGITAL to allow them to contact you and to otherwise participate in membership in DIGITAL. Members will be limited to only using your Personal Information for the purposes for which we collected it.

Additionally, we have service providers who help us with our operations and may handle your Personal Information on our behalf. Our service providers are not allowed to use your Personal Information except to support us, unless otherwise indicated. Some service providers will also have a direct relationship with you, in which case the service provider will have their own privacy policy that is independent of DIGITAL. For example, if you provide Personal Information to FutureFitAI, our service provider that powers the Pathways platform, FutureFitAI’s Privacy Policy will govern their use and disclosure of that Personal Information.

Some of our members and service providers may store your information outside of Canada, including in the United States. While there are ways for law enforcement in other countries to obtain your Personal Information even when it is in Canada, storing it in a different country may make it easier for the foreign country’s governments, law enforcement and courts to access it.

We will use and disclose your Personal Information where we believe it is legally required, such as if we are served with a court order compelling disclosure to law enforcement, or to investigate any unlawful activity, breach of an agreement, breach of our code of conduct or other inappropriate activity.

If you publish your Personal Information in a professional or business directory, listing or notice that is available to the public, any third party may collect, use and disclose that Personal Information. This includes professional or business directories, listings or notices on DIGITAL’s website.


Information Retention and Security

We have standard security measures in place to protect your Personal Information and we deliberately try to collect as little of your Personal Information as possible.

We retain your Personal Information for as long as it is necessary in connection with the purposes for which it was collected, and afterwards to maintain an appropriate historical record of our relationship with you. To stop receiving our commercial electronic messages, you can use the unsubscribe mechanism included at the bottom of the messages, or contact our Privacy Officer using the contact information at the end of this Notice. Information related to resumes and job applications may be kept on record for use in future recruitment.

If we believe a security breach has affected your Personal Information that is under our control, and such breach creates a real risk of significant harm to you, we will investigate the situation and, where appropriate, notify you. We will take all other steps which we believe are appropriate or legally required.


Contact Information

Our Privacy Officer deals with all requests, questions, and concerns related to this Privacy Notice, including requests to access, correct, or delete your Personal Information. Our Privacy Officer can be reached at: