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Delivering break through digital technologies will transform how Canadians live, work and economically prosper. Join our quest to build a better Canada.

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Worklife at the Digital Technology Supercluster

Being a part of the Digital Technology Supercluster means all hands on deck. Passion for collaborative digital innovation runs deep, driven by our desire to keep Canadians health, address climate and drive economic productivity. We take great pride in what we do.

Situated in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver, there’s a natural, high-energy buzz in the Supercluster office. We strive to build an environment that encourages a combination of work and play, creativity and logic. We are committed to providing a stimulating workplace where our employees can grow and realize their full potential.

You’ve spent countless hours learning to develop your mind and your skills. Now is the time to put all that learning into practice and really make a difference. We are always looking for outstanding individuals who are passionate about their work and driven to succeed.

We value relationships and technology that is meaningful, collaborative, courageous and visionary

We are guided by a set of core values that define how our community interacts and works together.


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