Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.  Events of the past weeks have brought into sharp contrast the values we have in Canada and shared in our Supercluster and the reality experienced by racialized Canadians, especially people of colour. We unequivocally stand against racism.

We are committed to listening and educating ourselves to help strengthen voices from Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities in every element of our governance, operations, membership, management systems and in the development of our projects.

It is not enough to “not be racist”, we must be actively anti-racist. We will increase the demographic diversity of our staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries by enabling the inclusion of under-represented demographic groups including women, Indigenous citizens and Canadians from rural and remote communities.

The Supercluster will also continue to connect with global leaders in diversity and inclusion including the European Union, UN Women, and the WE EMPOWER Programs.

Here are some Canadian organizations we encourage our community to support:

Together we will keep learning, keep listening, and standing up to all forms of racial injustice.