Blog: Capacity Building Pilot Program Update

We launched our competitive process for the Capacity Building Pilot Program in March 2019.  In response, we received 49 Expressions of Interest for projects, involving more than 150 organizations, including 56 small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thank you to all our members, associates and partner organizations for participating in the first stage of the Capacity Building Pilot Program.  The number of organizations interested in participating in the pilot program, and the competitiveness of the proposed projects has exceeded our expectations. The response also underscores the need – and demand – for capacity building programs in Canada.

The Capacity Building Program complements our Technology Leadership Program by developing a diverse pool of digital talent to ensure our workforce is prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.  The specific focus of our pilot program is to improve the inclusion and participation of Indigenous people, underrepresented groups and women. 

After review, 17 proposed projects have been invited to move to the next stage of the Capacity Building Pilot Program – full project proposal.

The projects are: 

  • BC Micro-Credentialing Pilot for Digital Media Skills
  • Building a Hightech Workforce for Automation
  • Canada 500
  • Coastal Eye Emergency Response Digital Twinning
  • Competency Assessment Mapping Platform for Industry Responsive Education (CAMPFIRE)
  • Cowichan Tech Training Partnership
  • Design for Startups
  • Diverse Digital Leaders Program
  • Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing
  • Inclusive Tech Talent Consortium
  • PRacticalMachineINtelliGence (PRIMING)
  • Prepare the Workforce for Automation
  • Project Athena
  • Telecommunication Systems Technician for Natural Resources Diploma in the Elk Valley
  • Tene Mehodihi
  • The Capacity Building Continuum
  • Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

These 17 proposed projects involve 68 unique partner organizations, including 18 small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Capacity Building Program will be further developed over the summer, with advice from the Program Advisory Council and feedback from our members and associates. 

We anticipate announcing the results of our Capacity Building Pilot Program this summer, and launching our next call for Capacity Building Program projects this fall. 

Thank you again to all our members, associates and partner organizations for making our Capacity Building Pilot Program so competitive.


Your Digital Technology Supercluster Team