Bringing together Canadian expertise to provide real-time monitoring of the COVID-19 virus – how it evolutions and how it transmits

Project Budget* - $5.5M

Partner Co-investment* - $2.3M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $3.2M

Project Collaborators

Project Overview

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, there is an urgent need to understand the DNA ‘footprint’ of this rapidly evolving virus. This project harnesses Canada’s capabilities in world class genomics research in order to be able to rapidly sequence, share and analyze the genomic profile of COVID-19 and the people who have contracted it in Canada and around the world. This information will help inform the development of public health policies, diagnostics, therapies and vaccines. Many countries, including Canada, are mobilizing efforts to generate large volumes of genomic sequence dataHowever, significant challenges remain in using technology to harness the data and make it actionable by scientists to deliver timely insights.  

A new project led by DNAstack aims to overcome those challenges. COVID Cloud brings together Canadian expertise in areas such as genome science, infectious diseases, virology, software engineering, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, pharmaceuticals and policy to accelerate the development of a digital technology platform to provide near real-time monitoring of the virus’ evolutionary strains, transmission patterns, mutation rate and drug targets 

COVID Cloud will be a valuable and unique resource for diverse scientific communities to take the latest technologies in cloud computing, machine learning and big data in the fight against COVID-19. In addition to accelerating the response to COVID-19, the platform will serve as a springboard for further leveraging genomics and precision health in the years to come, including preparing for future waves and outbreaks of infectious diseases. 

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