Enabling businesses, emergency responders and policy leaders to make data-driven decisions in response to COVID-19

Project Budget*- $4.0M

Partner Co-investment - $1.2M

Supercluster Co-investment - $2.9M

Project Partners

Project Overview

What has become clear in 2020 is that a one-size-fits-all COVID-19 solution does not make sense for all of Canada. Given the size and diversity of our country, guidelines work best when they align to the unique circumstances and prevailing conditions in a specific region. Ideally, these guidelines should connect to tools that can help organizations make data-driven decisions. 

 In response, Unity Technologies (formerly Finger Food Advanced Technology Group) is leading a project called LifeSaver. It aims to fill the information gaps around COVID19 by consolidating and harmonizing vast arrays of data, bringing together partners such as the University of British Columbia and Team Rubicon working on COVID19 transmission modeling, and collaborating to enable clear and specific decision making. The final product will be an interactive tool used by businesses, emergency responders and policy leaders to make data-driven decisions that will optimally balance operational needs and health risks.  

During the feasibility study phase (March through June 2020), the LifeSaver team built the underlying technical architecture, including relational databases and complex data ingestion models. In Phase 2, the team is building on top of this structure to home in on businesses, emergency response organizations and healthcare institutions, to provide customized tools for their unique operations. 

Though its initial focus is on COVID-19, LifeSaver has the potential to expand to other disasters including natural disasters and large-scale industrial accidents. The tool could be combined with satellite and weather data to manage forest fires in real-time and plan responses to reduce damaging impacts. 


*As of September 30, contracted amounts.

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