Mobile Wellness Declaration

Mitigating the Spread of COVID-19 by Leveraging Existing Mobile Authentication Platform.

Project Budget* - $1.0M

Partner Co-investment* - $0.4M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $0.6M

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Project Overview

During the COVID-19 pandemic the elderly have been the hardest hit group, especially those in long-term care facilities and senior homes. It’s critical to find new ways to protect these places, as well as workplaces where the virus can quickly spread.

Workers and residents alike are at risk of exposure during everyday activities by engaging with colleagues, visitors, patients, residents, friends, and family members. These interactions are also difficult to track when someone tests positive for COVID-19, and that depends on a manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process reliant on people remembering everyone they met during the past two weeks.

The Mobile Wellness Declaration project will add a layer of protection by retro-fitting existing card access systems in these facilities with touch-free screening surveys to control access and adding new thermal imaging technology to detect potentially ill people before they can enter.

The project is led by BioConnect and brings together Mara Technologies, Suprema and several end-user organizations who will be testing the solution through Q3 and Q4.

The project will allow long term care facility administrators (or any workplace) to turn any door with a traditional card reader into a smart door that is monitored and controlled from anywhere. Those who want to enter a facility will have a wellness declaration tool pushed to their mobile phone. A series of questions will screen them for COVID-19 symptoms, or other risk factors, and deny access if they are deemed at-risk. If infrared scanners detect an elevated body temperature, a potential symptom of COVID-19, access will be denied, and a push notification sent to the user’s phone. Those blocked from access may be directed to local testing centres.

Because surveys are completed on an individual’s own phone, instead of community fingerprint readers or other devices that require frequent sanitization, the risk of transmission is lowered. And because the system is cloud based, enrollment and management can be done remotely to maintain social distancing.

As the implementation of the Mobile Wellness Declaration project broadens beyond care facilities to other critical workplaces at risk of COVID-19 spread, the benefits can help protect the health of Canadians, of businesses, and of the overall economic recovery.

*amounts at time of project selection

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