Providing Safe and Effective Home Care During COVID-19

Enhanced digital tools to help protect vulnerable seniors and their care workers.

Project Budget*- $1.6M

Partner Co-investment - $0.7M

Supercluster Co-investment - $1.0M

Project Partners

Project Overview

Two groups at a high risk from COVID-19 are seniors who receive home care services and the multiple care workers visiting these individuals. These required visits provide critical services such as health assessments, skilled nursing visits, support for daily living, and medication management.

The risks are driven by the fact that seniors receive multiple visits through the course of a day or week from a variety of care professionals like personal support workers, therapists, and nurses operating in a decentralized manner. In turn these caregivers visit numerous other patients in their homes through the course of a day. Layered on top of all of this is the fact that most patients have comorbidities making then even more vulnerable should they contract COVID-19.

This project focused on Providing Safe and Effective Home Care During COVID-19 is being led by AlayaCare in partnership with Careteam, AceAge, e-Cobalt, University of Victoria, SE Health, PICN, Paramed, Fraser Health, Acclaim Health and Bayshore Home Health. Their goal is to add the COVID-19 specific functionality to the existing digital toolkit used in home care.

The kinds of information and tools that would be provided through the project include employee and patient pre-screening, contact tracing, and real-time alerts to service providers about symptomatic employees or patients. In combination, these solutions will help minimize and intercept risks, and prevent spread. Alerts of a positive COVID-19 employee or patient will automatically trigger altered schedules, deployment of personal protective equipment, and communication with employees and patients as well as health officials.

The project will also use an algorithm to optimize visit schedules in a way that minimizes risk, reducing travel, and maximizing the continuity of service. A mobile app will be used for daily employee and patient pre-visit screening so it can be seamlessly incorporated into standard procedures.

Beyond the immediate implementation of the new COVID-19 tools, the project is aiming to integrate data and patient information more broadly. This will help deliver better outcomes and improve care collaboration for those at risk or diagnosed with COVID-19 as they move between log-term care and home care.

The benefits of the project will stretch beyond protecting patient and caregiver health. By preventing the spread of COVID-19 in home care settings hospitalizations will be reduced, which will save lives and prevent an increased burden on the health care system.

*As of September 30, contracted amounts.

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