Risk Management Frameworks for Workplace Safety

Developing a risk management architecture for COVID 19 detection to keep employees and the general public safe and healthy. 

Project Budget*- $0.2M

Partner Co-investment* - $0.1M

Supercluster Co-investment* - $0.1M

Project Partners

Project Overview

As Canada and other countries develop strategies for economic recovery and returning to business, the challenge we face will be how to develop solutions that can mitigate COVID-19 spread and the risks to a safe return to places of employment.   

In this COVID-19 Screening Project, ecoMine, a Vancouver-based biochemistry company, will assess the feasibility of its innovative, low-cost, on-the-spot screening technology for the detection of COVID-19 antigens.   

The project aims to deliver three form factors: 

  • Small handheld sensing devices; 
  • A colour change vial test; and  
  • A laminar flow test (a strip test).  

With the support of Patriot One, Canada’s leader in visible and invisible threat detection, the ecoMine project will also develop a roadmap for integrating on-the-spot screening results into secure data architectures, to provide a holistic approach to public health and safety.   

The same technology approach could be extended to screening people entering various settings, including airports, sports events, hotels, and to high-contact health service offices like care workers, dentistry, physiotherapy, and chiropractic care. In the longer term, the platform could be adapted to detect a broad range of pathogens (beyond COVID 19) on food packaging surfaces or home delivery packaging. 

*amounts at time of project selection

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