Cycle 3 Technology Leadership Program Update

Thank you to the many project teams and Supercluster Members who participated as part of the Expressions of Interest (EOI), stage of our latest Technology Leadership competition cycle for Supercluster projects.

We had 21 EOI submissions involving more than 100 organizations. Cycle 3 contained some very ambitious projects and the inclusion of many more new organizations in supercluster projects. More than half of the projects are led by new Supercluster Members and Associates.

After a rigorous and thorough evaluation process, we have invited 14 projects to prepare  Full Project Proposals which are due in January 2020.

They are:

· Clinical Decisions Support Software

· Trustsphere

· Healthcare to Homecare

· Workplace Brain Health

· Protecting Our Oceans

· Women’s Health

· Optimizing Healthcare

· Digital Twins Smart Fleets

· Autism Sharing Initiative

· Personalized CKD Support

· Smart Biome

· Streamlining Emergency Care

· Wellness Platform

· Analysis Ready Data Mosaics

The 14 submissions involve 75 organizations, including 30 small and medium-sized businesses.

The final selection of projects in Cycle 3 will be announced in the spring of 2020. Thank you to all our members, associates and their partner organizations for making this project competition so competitive.


Your Digital Technology Supercluster Team