DIGITAL Announces $26M in AI-Powered Projects to Drive Innovation in Canadian Healthcare

Vancouver, BC – May 22, 2024 – Amidst a global race to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), DIGITAL, Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for digital technologies, is proud to enable and showcase transformative solutions that are leveraging AI to make significant advances across Canada’s health space. This includes $26M of recently announced projects using AI to improve patient outcomes, increase access and create a more sustainable Canadian health system.

“Artificial Intelligence is redefining possibilities in healthcare. Since our start in 2018, DIGITAL and our Members have been committed to leveraging AI to deliver Canadians the rapidly evolving benefits from innovative, accessible and effective AI-supported health solutions,” said Sue Paish, CEO of DIGITAL. “The technologies emerging from our investments are crucial to delivering healthcare services that are more responsive, effective and accessible for all Canadians.”

Through commitments of over $200M in AI-powered solutions since 2018, DIGITAL has propelled the development, delivery and adoption of made-in-Canada AI solutions across the health care, natural resources and agriculture sectors. These investments have resulted in over 130 AI-enabled products and services in market benefitting Canadian companies and Canadians. DIGITAL is also addressing the skills and talent gap, having provided pathways for over 11,000 Canadians to digital-based career paths including increasing AI-based skillsets and digital leadership.

In healthcare, DIGITAL is enhancing patient care and expanding access to critical health services in both rural and urban communities through $26M in recently announced investments in AI-based health solutions, including:

Improving Healthcare Access for Rural Canadians

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, half of Canadians wait a few days for in-home health care services, while one in ten wait almost a month. To bridge this gap and ensure accessible and equitable healthcare solutions, DIGITAL has co-invested in a $3.1M initiative led by Gotcare to enhance their platform with AI-driven patient matching capabilities; delivery of in-home healthcare and virtual support through their Health Ambassador network; and graduating their conceptual model for AI in predictive health monitoring to a fully developed, ready-for-market product. The project’s pilot in Ontario’s North Hastings region aims to dramatically reduce wait times, which can be critical in areas where the average delay for post-hospital home healthcare reaches nearly 27 days. By building a more efficient, supported system of connection and access to care, it will ultimately seek to help forge a path to more resilient rural healthcare systems across Canada.

Speeding Up Clinical Trials

One-third of adults globally suffer from multiple chronic conditions, a rate that is increasing worldwide due to various factors. Yet, 80-85% of clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients or are delayed, thereby slowing down the research and delivery of life-saving and novel therapies. DIGITAL has co-invested in a $10.5M initiative led by RxPx  to revolutionize the completion, success and relevancy of clinical trials through AI. Initially trialing the solution for chronic concussion therapies, the project will develop and augment a comprehensive, integrated ‘AI Clinical Buddy System’ for more effective patient recruitment, adherence, engagement and monitoring of clinical trials. The successful implementation of this AI-driven innovation has the potential to revolutionize completion, success and relevancy of clinical trials towards developing more effective medications and therapies for chronic conditions.

Advancing Wound Care

Wound care presents one of the biggest challenges facing healthcare systems worldwide, with up to half of all wound care delivered in homes and communities. DIGITAL has co-invested in a $9M initiative led by Swift Medicalto develop cutting-edge AI tools that standardize and enhance wound care assessments. This initiative includes the deployment of SmartTissue, AutoDepth and HealingIndex, which use AI to identify wound types and create precise 3D models for accurate measurement, streamlining care in home health, long-term care, and hospital settings. The project stands to significantly improve patient outcomes, particularly in underserved and Indigenous communities, by providing equitable and efficient care solutions.

Enhancing Home-based Care with LLMs

The global healthcare industry is facing unprecedented challenges as populations age and present increasingly complex care needs. This strain is particularly evident in the home care industry facing labour shortages and razor-thin profit margins. DIGITAL has co-invested in a $3.2M initiative led by AlayaCare to introduce the first-ever Large Language Model (LLM)-based smart AI assistant for home-based care. This new AI assistant will aid home care providers by providing real-time clinical decision support, reducing administrative burdens, and enabling more focused patient care. This innovative approach is poised to mitigate risks like hospital re-admissions and optimize care schedules effectively, enhancing both the efficiency and quality of home health services.

Our government is committed to helping businesses and researchers have the tools they need to harness the power of AI, while ensuring the technology is safe and benefits Canadians,” said the Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry. “This is why we are proud to support DIGITAL as it works to leverage AI to make significant advances in creating cutting-edge healthcare innovations that benefit all Canadians.”

By enabling these cutting-edge healthcare innovations, DIGITAL is actualizing the potential for AI to revolutionize health care and improve the lives of millions of Canadians and people around the world. DIGITAL’s role in convening some of the most innovative, Canadian-led digital technology consortiums comprised of industry, academia and government partners is supporting Canada’s global leadership in ethical and responsible deployment of AI, while fostering a more innovative and competitive Canadian economy. 


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