Distributive – Where are they now?

Based in Kingston, Ontario, Distributive is a software infrastructure company with the vision of providing compute.for(everyone). Their distributed computing platform provides abundant, low-cost computing power to enable the AI, data analytics and research computing applications that solve tomorrow’s greatest challenges. Their mission was actualized during DIGITAL’s Looking Glass project, where Distributive led a project consortium to develop a decision-support platform that used predictive modelling requiring substantial computing power to analyze health restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping to determine which decisions would best protect Canadians. Now, Distributive is utilizing IP developed throughout that project to optimize surgical block schedules in hospitals. Osler, a software tool that computes and predicts outcomes from different scheduling scenarios, provides hospitals with recommendations to increase efficiency and surgical case volume by up to 10%, helping hospitals work through surgery backlogs.

To learn more, visit https://distributive.network/osler


Written by our Membership Associate, Ben Slang