EarthDaily Analytics – Where are they now?

EarthDaily Analytics (EDA), headquartered in Vancouver,B.C., is a vertically integrated software and analytics space company, developing world-first technologies in data services, satellite processing, machine learning and actionable insights powering data driven decisions to quantify risk against the world’s most pressing challenges. EarthDaily’s DIGITAL projects, Satellite-Based Environmental Analytics and Earth Data Store, worked to develop a mosaic of satellite images to monitor the impacts of climate change and determine innovative methods of analyzing vast collections of geospatial data. 

EarthDaily is a proud sponsor of FARMERHOOD, a global charitable collective providing humanitarian relief to Ukrainian farmers amidst the ongoing disruptions to their livelihoods caused by the war. EarthDaily’s contributions to FARMERHOOD include best-in-class agricultural analytics services to help Ukrainian farmers monitor crop health, use resources efficiently and detect early warning signs of negative environmental trends. Learn more about EarthDaily’s support for FARMERHOOD here.

Fully operational in 2024, EarthDaily’s 10-satellite Constellation will be powered by EarthPipeline, the world’s first fully managed ground segment pipeline-as-a-service. EarthPipeline offers automated cloud-native delivery capabilities that transforms all downlinked satellite data into Analysis Ready Data and automated insights on a near-infinite scale. EarthPipeline is also an inclusive innovation available for all organizations launching satellites to harness and a testament to the space industry’s ability to collectively challenge the status quo, pushing boundaries of New Space by together embracing the definition of New Ground. You can learn more about the technology here.

Written by our Membership Associate, Ben Slang