Fostering Indigenous

Fostering Indigenous Tech Talent


Developing a deeper cultural understanding of Indigenous peoples and how to attract and retain them in the tech sector.

Kory Wilson Executive Director Indigenous Initiatives And Partnerships BCIT
Kory Wilson, Executive Director – Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships at BCIT

Kory Wilson is committed to fostering Indigenous tech talent.

Kory Wilson is the Executive Director, Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). Kory is a key partner in the Supercluster’s HyperTalent project, a collaborative community-led initiative that delivers programs through in-person and online educational content, first-hand industry exposure, facilitated seminars and mentor connections and coaching.

She is committed to systemic change that will attract and retain more Indigenous employees in the tech sector:

“Companies can’t just wait for Indigenous people to show up in their applicant pool – we must be more authentic and intentional in how we foster and pursue talent. HyperTalent is significant because companies are not just fortunate to have Indigenous talent, they’re also committing to increase their understanding of Indigenous peoples and their place and space in Canada by undergoing Indigenous 101 training.” 

The consortium has seen tremendous success with the HyperTalent program, including:

  • 12 Indigenous student placements (including five young women) in internships ranging from UX/UI design, digital marketing, graphic design, software development and customer success
  • Two of these interns have now been hired into full-time roles
  • 76 participants attended the Indigenous 101 workshop
  • Engagement with 126 K-12 teachers across urban and rural B.C.

With the pilot complete, Kory and the HyperTalent team are planning for the next phase of the project:

“COVID-19 has accelerated the demand for digital skills, and we know that a strong economic recovery ensures the inclusion of Indigenous peoples and other underrepresented groups. That’s why we are excited to build on the success of HyperTalent through a new digital skills initiative in the Capacity Building Program, which will be announced later this year.” 

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