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Call for Proposals in Horizon AI - Technology Commercialization

This program is now fully committed for investments.

Capturing economic potential of made-in-Canada AI technology solutions through technology commercialization. 

Horizon AI is a specialized program focused on capturing economic potential from Applied AI. By building a commercially focused AI ecosystem through technology commercialization, talent and global advantage streams, DIGITAL is helping Canadian organizations create a global competitive advantage that enables market leadership and accelerated revenue growth. 

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DIGITAL will co-invest $20M of funds from the commercial pillar of the Government of Canada’s Pan-Canadian AI Strategy, alongside industry, that will result in more than $60M of new investment in the commercialization and adoption of innovative AI technology solutions. By co-investing in the early stages of commercialization and adoption of 10-15 ambitious projects developing Canadian-owned AI solutions, DIGITAL will help Canadian tech companies strengthen their intellectual property and data management strategies; refine their commercial plans and product development roadmaps; and address adoption and procurement requirements in their target markets in and outside of Canada. 

Selected Projects

($20M Co-Investment Committed)

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Progress as of March 22, 2024

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DIGITAL’s co-investment is competitively distributed across projects that demonstrate high potential and evaluation against the goals of our programs.

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AI for Health

Using AI to support the resiliency and sustainability of health care systems and advance health care in ways that support healthy living, accessibility and delivering positive outcomes. Areas of Interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Expanding equitable access through innovative models of care.
  2. Personalized coaching for wellness, mental health and living with chronic conditions. 
  3. Advancing diagnostics and treatments, including clinical decision support, personalized medicine and drug discovery. 
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AI for Earth

Using AI to advance environmental health and support the transition to clean agriculture & natural resources. Areas of Interest include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Smart farming, food security and waste reduction. 
  2. Green exploration, extraction and delivery of Canadian natural resources in support of forestry, low impact mining and securing critical minerals. 
  3. Environmental protection. 
  4. Preparedness and response to natural disasters (i.e., floods, wildfires). 
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AI for Services

Using AI to augment service and support decision making with virtual assistants. Areas of Interest include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Reducing time spent on documentation and administrative tasks. 
  2. Customer service across retail and e-commerce to healthcare, finance, telecom, automotive and other consumer-focused business sectors. 

Successful projects will: 

  • Aim to achieve early commercialization and adoption of AI technology solutions that address well-defined problems in the Areas of Interest described above.  
  • Have a minimum total cost of $3M with projected completion by December 31, 2025. 
  • Committed to the safe and responsible use of AI with a demonstrated understanding and compliance to current and anticipated AI regulation in Canada and target markets. Teams are expected to take appropriate measures to ensure the ethical and responsible approach to the use of data and ongoing development and implementation of their AI technology solution throughout and beyond the project.    
  • Consider that all improvements to existing Background IP and any newly created Foreground IP arising through DIGITAL’s co-investment must be owned by Canadian entities that have substantial operations in Canada. 
  • Be enabled by a consortium of at least three organizations that demonstrate high potential for commercialization, adoption and scaling growth of Canadian companies through the participation of at least one SME and at least one potential customer for the technology solution. Projects may be a combination of one or more of the following:
    • 1. “Follow-on” opportunities to support the early commercialization and adoption of AI technology solutions that were developed with prior investment from DIGITAL;
    • 2. Early commercialization and adoption of existing Canadian-owned AI technology solutions in new target markets (i.e., international expansion, adjacent markets); and 
    • 3. Improvements or new developments to address verified product/market fit gaps for the purposes of commercialization and adoption of the AI technology solution.
  • Meet the other eligibility requirements and have a high scoring against the Evaluation Criteria cited in the respective Program Guide.  

Horizon AI - Technology Commercialization Stream Program & Co-Investment Guides

We emphasize a collaborative approach to innovation where groups of complementary organizations work together to build stronger, more powerful solutions to big problems. As such, proposed projects are expected to have solid alignment with our Areas of Interest and the right mix of organizational capabilities to meet our program objectives of innovation, commercialization and benefits to Canada.  

After reviewing the above co-investment and program guidelines, you may submit your project concept through the link to the right. Only qualified applicants will be invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

This program is now fully committed for investments.

Horizon AI Information Webinar

DIGITAL held an information webinar to discuss aspects of our Call for Proposals in Horizon AI- Technology Commercialization Stream. You can download the presentation deck discussed in this webinar for more information and reference.


Upon request, we are available to help potential applicants further understand the objectives of this call for proposals and the eligibility criteria for a proposed project. Please email our team at