Masterpiece Studio – Where are they now?

Masterpiece Studio, based in Ottawa, is dedicated to eliminating the technical hurdles associated with 3D animation using the capabilities of machine learning and virtual reality. As a key partner in DIGITAL’s AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus project, Masterpiece Studio contributed its expertise to the creation of an innovative space designed to foster the development of intelligent, adaptable, and interactive systems tailored to the unique requirements of any organization. This project empowers individuals without technical backgrounds or programming knowledge to craft virtual environments. These environments play a crucial role in facilitating virtual training for specific scenarios that demand swift utilization of complex data to make critical decisions.

Beyond their DIGITAL project, Masterpiece Studio is on a mission to enable one billion 3D creators through the power of artificial intelligence, developing groundbreaking creation tools over the last 8 years. Their latest innovation, Masterpiece X, was recently unveiled on the Meta Quest 2. Masterpiece X empowers users to effortlessly remix and personalize their 3D models, seamlessly integrate them into their projects, and collaborate with fellow creators.

18 months ago, Meta presented Masterpiece Studio with a challenge: devise an entire 3D creation workflow optimized for a wireless device. With approximately 20 million users currently using Meta’s VR headsets, Masterpiece Studio embarked on the creation of Masterpiece X. This partnership has not only supplied the Canadian startup with invaluable guidance and backing, but it has also propelled them from a series of proof-of-concept prototypes to the dynamic and enjoyable 3D remixing experience available today. Masterpiece X is also already compatible with the upcoming Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro headsets.

Learn more about Masterpiece X & read Meta’s blog about the launch here!
Click here to watch the MasterpieceX – 3D Remix Trailer