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AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus

Immersive training accessible from anywhere.

Project Overview

The Problem

Immersive training and development for aerospace and naval industries is a costly and time consuming endeavor yet is critical for the protection of Canadian citizens and infrastructures.

Members of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Coast Guard, and Department of National Defense receive intensive training for critical, complex operations which usually requires significant travel. While 3D and virtual training options do exist today, creating the virtual world specific to an operation can only be done by technically trained people with specific programming expertise, further increasing cost and time constraints.

How We Are Solving It

The economic and educational markets are seeking more accessible tools to build virtual spaces that are easily accessible in XR or on desktop computers and designed for non-programmers to use.

Led by, in partnership with Cognitive3D, Masterpiece Studio, Toronto Metropolitan University, Babcock Canada and RCN (NTDC-P), The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus will be a virtual space to develop intelligent, adapting, and interactive systems tailored to the needs of an organization. It will allow individuals without technical expertise or a background in programming to create the virtual worlds custom to their needs. It is especially useful for industries that need to work through data and make decisions quickly (such as aviation and medical emergencies).

By using the AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus as a virtual training space, business trips can be eliminated and the environmental footprint can be reduced. Before COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 1.25 million business trips occurred daily. It is a faster, more efficient way of training that supports employee wellbeing and combats climate change at the same time.

The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus Project is building the best artificial intelligence on the market. This project allows the co-creation of virtual worlds leveraging 3D data collected and access to a consortium of tools. The ability to collaborate makes it easier to build these worlds and tailor them to an organization’s specific needs. This project has applications for border and immigration, financial markets, resilience of national infrastructure, cyber security and terrorism.

The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus will be available to anyone. Access will be similar to Adobe software where licenses can be purchased directly from the website. Organizations will be able to purchase multiple licenses for their employees to use.

The Result

This project leveraged spatial computing and machine learning to create the perfect set of tools for quickly building immersive environments. These environments offer adaptive and interactive scenarios, tailor-made to meet the specialized needs of organizations in sectors such as naval, aviation, and safety and security. OVA’s AI-driven StellarX solution collaborates with users during the virtual world-building process, suggesting creative problem-solving ideas and eliminating non-creative tasks. This allows users to focus on what’s truly important, making the solution especially valuable for industries requiring rapid content creation and decision-making. By streamlining remote collaboration and training, as well as tackling other logistically complex situations through a multi-user setting, they are rendering operations in these sectors entirely cost-effective.

Project Lead

  • OVA ai

Project Partners

  • babcock
  • cognitiveD
  • masterpiece studio
  • royal navy
  • toronto metropolitan university

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